Yuletide Greetings

We wish all of our students, supervisors and lodges a peaceful Yuletide season!

Thank you all for your work in the school in what has been a very challenging year.

I just finished working in the temple here a short solstice ritual that included Mistletoe. I love calling it “All-Heal” on this day of the solstice.

The world is in need of so much peace and healing right now. We can all let the light in our heart’s shine to help bring wisdom, power and love with healing to all in the name of the One.

It is very cloudy and drizzly up here in the hills of the English Peak District, today, so there is not much chance of looking at the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

However, yesterday we had a clear evening so I took a picture from the front-door looking south and you can just see the planets singing as a little point of light beyond our Yule lights in the front garden.

We wish everyone that celebrates at this time of year a happy Christmas, happy holidays and we wish you all a peaceful New Year in 2021.

Blessing of the Light!


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