Time to Say Goodbye

On Monday the 11th June I will celebrate my 89th birthday and it is the day I have chosen to pass on the Directorship of the SOL to Dr Steven Critchley.

I feel it’s fitting that on his day and at 5:30pm, the time  I was born, it is time for me to enter a new chapter in my life. I will still be a part of the SOL in many ways,  I’ll still do workshops in the UK and USA, and anywhere that wants me!! I’ll still keep in touch with everyone because you are“ family”, but the reins will be firmly in the hands of Steven.

As I have said before, there will be changes, as there were changes when I took over from Ernest.That is inevitable and it will take time to adjust, so take a deep breath and lets the dust settle.

Steven and I are different people with different ways of working. He is far more organised than I am, perhaps less easy going, but as a Yorkshire man, you will have someone you can trust and rely on in difficult times. As many of you know it took me years and many trials to find a successor, mainly because in my arrogance I thought it was MY choice. It wasn’t… and that was made clear to me. Time after time it became obvious that it was always going to be the choice of The Opener of the Ways.  No one was more surprised than Steven and I were when exactly the same thing happened as it did with Ernest and I.  The offer of a secret name and the Unreserved Dedication. Over the years the subtle changes  have shown that the Opener has always been in charge.

We now have a solid Admin group, an organised listing of students, and a solid , well trained supervising team that Ernest would have been proud of. I on the other hand will have time to write, and I have a list of five MSs waiting in the wings. I have no plans to lie around and do nothing. I plan to expand the Solar-Light video club into a larger business that will take in outside trips to Sacred Sights, and include talks with other occult teachers and writers.

Even at 89 there are things to see, do, and create.Recent changes in my personal life will mean there is more time available for such things.

The hardest thing of all will be to sit back and watch the changes as they occur. Ernest withdrew entirely, but that was his way. But YOU, each and everyne one of you, has become and will remain a much loved friend. I am leaving you in well trained hands. Steven will rely on your commitment to the Great Work, as I have relied on you for the last 45 years to keep the SOL going. We have lasted for 50 years, longer than many such schools and the future with all its new ideas, and wonders that are to come, lie in your hands.

Thank you, all of you, for the years you have given to the SOL and the love and support you have given to me.  You have enriched my life a thousand fold, and filled me with pride at what you have built. We have talked, and argued, laughed and cried, eaten and drunk together. We have shared good times and bad, seen births and sorrowed over deaths,  we are so much more than a ‘School’. We have been, we are, and we will always be,  a spiritual community following the way of the ancient Alexandrian Teachings from  which we stem.

Don’t forget me…. I will be here for you until I join Ernest…and even then call and I’ll come.

love to you all, Dolores.

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