The Star Table of Merlin


The Star Table of Merlin is a new SOL progressive course on the Mystical Qabalah.

It is an intermediate level course for those that already have some experience of working with the Mystical Qabalah in the SOL school (at any point in our history).

The course will be open to applications from people that have:

(a) Completed the SOL Practical Course on the Mystical Qabalah by W.E. Butler.

(b) Completed the SOL Pilgrim, Seeker, Priest Course by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki.

(c) Have been initiated to the 1st degree in the school following other paths of training besides completing an SOL Course (such as being initiated following being trained as a member of an SOL Lodge).

The Star Table of Merlin will be opened to applications in the near future.

The course will be advertised here.

The first part of the course: The Star Table of Merlin 0 – zero which is preparatory for STM1 will be free of charge.

The course is being presented in a new e-learning environment.

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