Thanks from Dolores and Michael

Michael and I have been overwhelmed by the love, good wishes and congratulations that have poured in from all over the world..The house is full of flowers, letters, cards etc, too many to answer individually. Michael joins me in saying thank you a millions times for all the love that has been given to us. These 40 years since we took over Ernests work have been full of ups and downs, hopes and sometimes a few disappointments, but always moving forwards.So many changes and new ideas but always based on Ernests dream and the instructions he received so long ago.Without people like you, and those who give their time and skills so generously all this would not have been possible. All spiritual projects must begin with a strong Foundation, he gave us that. But to build on that foundation needs dedication and physical and mental effort and you, the students, admin people, supervisors, and Magi have been like the masons and workers who built the great cathedrals of the past. What the SOL has become is due to the dedication and love YOU, have put into it. We thank you for that will all our hearts and offer a blessing on all who serve.

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