The SOL Esoteric School and Politics

I try to follow Dion Fortune’s example and keep my personal politics out of spiritual teaching and leadership of an esoteric school.

Why? Because in an association such as the SOL we have students working with us that hold a multiplicity of beliefs, philosophies and religious paths. All our students and members are welcome to learn in the school no matter what personal politics they support, advocate or promote personally.
We have conservatives and liberals, socialists, labour supporters, republicans and democrats all represented in the SOL.
Of course, genuine personal spiritual growth leads one away from injustice, supporting lies, hate and ideologies such as Nazism.
It is important that the school is not essentially political in its identity, especially with regard to party politics.
This is a difficult area because many aspects of life are politicised. For instance, the SOL having an openly gay leader would be a political issue for some or even a religious one.
Whilst promoting and supporting an ideal of pluralism, mutual respect and tolerance, it is important for all students and SOL members, whatever their personal beliefs or politics, to feel welcome in the school on the level of being able to learn the Mystical Qabalah in peace.
Personally, I do not want to practice any kind of “magic” that seeks to enforce my personal views or politics on others or attempt to dictate the destiny of others. Certainly in the SOL, we will not join in with attempting to bind or curse political figures.
Using ‘magic’ to enforce one’s personal will on others is not the kind of magic we teach in the SOL.
Disagreeing with someone is not necessarily attacking them; however, often people become defensive, or even aggressive if differeirng opinions are expressed, especially on social media. Being able to disagree with others rationally or see things from different points of view peacefully is crucial in any peaceful society.
In her War Letters, Dion Fortune shared other methods of opposing Qlipothic or unbalanced force and the method was not to direct one’s personal will at any specific ‘target’ but to uphold principles and values in the group mind that one is part of.
This work we do and yet we do not suppose that we direct the destiny of nations or that we are the vanguard of humanity or any such egotistical claptrap.
Honouring the freewill of others, even our enemies, is very important in magical practice as well as in civilised society.
When I left the fundamentalist, Pentecostal church, when I was in my early twenties, many held prayer meetings to bind the devil in my life and for me to return to the Lord. They held days of prayer and fasting for me. When I came out as a gay man and then as a Wiccan the opposition and psychic attack around me was palpable.
However, I am still here and going strong! What does that say about the prayers that were directed at me, many of which were actually curses?
Often we can energise that which we oppose because of the methods through which we express opposition.
It is important that we all make our own decisions about our beliefs, including our political beliefs.
In democratic countries, we have the ability to vote and that is something we should all hold sacred and do.
I just wanted to be clear about why I do not promote my personal politics, likes or dislikes in the school, as our business is teaching the Mystical Qabalah and the western esoteric tradition.
Whatever you do… use your vote! Of course, how you vote is your personal choice, and that is the way it should be.
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