SOL School Inner Temple

A Guide to working in the inner temple of the SOL school has been prepared by the Director of Studies for all SOL students and members.

The guide is available for download in the members-only section of the website, linked from each course catalog section and also the supervisor downloads section, or here (if you are a logged in student or supervisor):

UPDATED: both full-color and printer-friendly versions available in this download item.

The inner temple is a ‘space’ where students, supervisors, lodge leaders and other members of the school can, meditate, pray and engage with personal interior work.

It is a place where collective or personal needs can be brought into the Light in prayer. It is a place where any that are in need or that are sick or in trouble can be remembered in meditative prayer.

The inner temple can be accessed any time but we encourage those who have access to use it regularly at the time of the new moon each month.

We hope that you will enjoy learning to use the inner temple of the SOL and that your work in the sanctuary, serving the Light, will be fruitful and prosper.

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