SOL Mission Statement

The Servants of the Light School exists to practically teach the Mystical Qabalah as a key language of the Mysteries for the purpose of the discovery of the unique Divinity that exists in each individual spirit and within the whole of creation. We work to help our students to experience a realisation of the connections, powers and potentials of the human soul aligned with the values inherent in the phrase: “I want to know in order to serve.”

The Servants of the Light School sees itself more as an organism than an organisation and aims to support a loosely knit community of individuals that have shared philosophical aspirations (remembering that philosophy is love of Wisdom), esoteric interests and ethical ideals. We promote diversity and pluralism transmitting the initiatory mysteries of the western esoteric tradition to all that are appropriately prepared and dedicated to their development, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

The Servants of the Light School works to support an holistic unfolding of the natural talents and innate creative gifts of members of our community in service of the Divine, however Divinity is comprehended and approached within ourselves and the universe of which we are, each, an essential and eternal part. We conceive the Light to be ever expanding awareness that reveals healing truths about the self within and the self in relation to others and we work to serve that Light with honesty and to the best of our individual abilities.

The Servants of the Light is a community that aims to welcome individuals and groups from diverse wisdom traditions. We exist to facilitate a sharing of knowledge so that mutually beneficial understandings might be generated through dialogue and practical participation in activities where the Mystical Qabalah is applied as a living language that is used to explore the diverse and unifying aspects of the western esoteric tradition. 

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