Happy Anniversary, Dolores!

Today we congratulate Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki on the 40th Anniversary of her appointment as Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light School.

Below is a copy of the notice of Dolores’ appointment written by W.E. Butler. In his letter he acknowledges both her and Michael Nowicki’s work caring for the school into the future, and recognised both Dolores and Michael’s roles in founding the Servants of the Light.

The notice originally appeared in issue number 40 of the in-house magazine “Round Merlin’s Table” at the Autumn Equinox 1976.

dolores-laughingDolores’ appointment to the post on October 31st 1976 was also the date that W.E. Butler formally resigned.

We have re-printed the entire notice below, as it appeared in “Round Merlin’s Table” in 1976.

Thank you Dolores and Michael for forty years of dedicated work serving the SOL.




This notice is for all students and supervisors of the S.O.L. Course, and for those, who, though not Students, purchase our little magazine.

First of all, I want to outline the way in which our Servants of the Light Association was formed, and how it has developed in the way it has.

When “Helios Ltd” was formed by Mr John Hall and Mr Basil Wilby, it was felt that some form of Correspondence Course would be helpful to many of those who were buying occult and esoteric books from them. At that time there was an “explosion” of interest in occult matters and many wild schemes were being launched. It was felt that a Qabalistic Course which was relatively simple – and did not make excessive claims – would help serious students. So the “Helios Correspondence Course” was born.

The first few lessons were written by Gareth Knight. Then, because of other urgent work he had to undertake, the production of the remaining Lessons was handed over to me. It soon became apparent to me that the Lessons were being quite definitely “inspired” by one whom I have long regarded as my teacher on the Inner Planes. (This of course, is a claim which in the very nature of things, I am unable to prove. It must be accepted at whatever value it may seem to have.)

Then because of the increased activity of Helios Ltd, and the difficulty of getting staff, it was suggested that the Course should be separated from Helios, Ltd, this was done, and so the Servants of the Light Association was born.

By this time we had found that there was very intense activity behind us on the Inner Planes, and the work developed in a way not originally envisaged. In a most interesting way the structure of the organisation was given to us and my “second in command” was chosen. This was Mrs Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, who is well known to so many of you. She and her husband Mike were the chief workers in the smooth transition of the Helios Course to its new set-up as The Servants of the Light. All the difficult financial details were carried out by them and by far the greatest part of the production and administration of the course has been, and still is carried out by them – assisted by a very helpful team of Supervisors.

My Teacher had tested various students of the Course for their sensitivity to his telepathic influence, and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki was found suitable for this work. She therefore became Assistant Director of Studies, and we have worked together on the Course. It was always made clear by my teacher that, when he thought it was desirable, he would withdraw me for other work, and then Dolores would take over from me as Director of Studies.

That time has now come. My teacher told me that he wishes me to step down from the post of Director of Studies of the Course, as he now has other work which he wishes me to do for him. I accept his instruction, and hand over the entire management and administration of the Servants of the Light Association which I held as Director of Studies of the Course, to Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, with effect from the 31st October 1976.

As Director of Studies, she will have the help of my Teacher as well as that of others of his School who, unknown to us, were behind the initial start of the Course.

I shall not, in any way whatsoever, retain any authority in the Association for I hold that, once out of an organisation, one should not attempt to influence or direct it. It is essential that I do not in any way be seen as an “authority” to whom disgruntled Students (and we do have some of these) might appeal.

Different minds look at things in different ways, and new insights must be allowed to develop in their own way.

So we have arrived at this point of change and a new departure. I would be churlish if I did not say how much I have appreciated the loyal and unsparing help which has been given to me and my Teacher by Dolores and Mike, and I wish them all success in their work in the Association in the years that lie ahead. They have done so much and worked so hard to establish what is now a viable organisation, international in its scope.

I would also like to thank all those Students, Supervisors and others who have helped us in our work. I am sure that same help will be at the disposal of Dolores, as she assumes the Leadership of the Association and the Direction of the Course.

To all who have given to me so much of your loving thought and care, I must thank you most sincerely. You have helped me greatly, especially through these last few months.

May the blessing of the Holy Ones be with you all. In L.V.X. W.E. Butler





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Messages from Dolores

Dolores asks, please, that SOL magi, supervisors, students and friends of the school, remember Michael Nowicki in their prayers at this time as he has been ill and has recently needed hospital care.
Dolores is teaching in the USA from Tuesday 20th September until Wednesday 12 October and asks, please, that people refrain from emailing her whilst she is travelling as she will not have time to deal with messages.
Steven Critchley can be contacted concerning any issues whilst Dolores is travelling and will be pleased to help. SOL admin can also be reached using the contact details on this website:
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The Table of Remembered Hope

SOL Lodge Merlin would like to share a pathworking in commemoration of the Battle of the Somme, which was fought one century ago, between July and November 1916 and in which the SOL’s first Director of Studies W.E. Butler was engaged.

This pathworking may be undertaken at any time, especially during this centenary period of July to November 2016. Lodge Merlin particularly invites all who are able to do so to join them (inwardly) in the pathworking at 9pm BST this Tuesday, 12 July.

Click here to download The Table of Remembered Hope

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Exclusive and Original Artwork for Sale

This beautiful poster illustrating the principal of As Above So Below was designed by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and created by Chris Hill.

It is a feature of Lesson 5 in the final phase of SOL’s new Course but because of its extraordinary power it was decided to offer it in poster form to the public.

Chris Hill, the artist, is well known for his amazing ability to take a spiritual idea and from it create an image that implants itself deep into the sub-conscious. This is no exception and deserves a place in the heart of all who revere the Mysteries. It is a limited edition of 500.

Each poster is numbered and is signed by the artist and Dolores Ashcroft- Nowicki.

UK £17 inc P&P. A3 size. USA and International £20 due to added postage. A3 size.

Email sollessons@gmail.com if you would like to order a poster and your order will be forwarded directly to Dolores. PLEASE make sure you include your full name and shipping address so that the order can be fulfilled.

Steven Critchley will initially handle your order and give you Dolores’ PayPal details so that you can make a payment.

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Dolores’ Spring/Summer Workshops: USA East Coast and UK

UPDATED with an August workshop in Scotland!

Director of Studies Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki has a busy lineup of workshops scheduled for Spring/Summer 2016 in the USA and UK!

First she will be visiting the East Coast of the USA in April: the tour begins in Atlanta, GA, where Dolores will present The Elements Within. She’ll then go to Laurel, MD (DC area) to present the Mysteries of Orpheus, and wrap up in Philadelphia, PA with the Training of the Solo Magician.

In May, Dolores will present a residential workshop at Savio House with Steven Critchley, on the Training and Work of the Magician Priest.

In early June, Dolores will be in Cardiff, Wales, to present The Power of the Hebrew Letters. Later in the month she will be in London to present a workshop on Traditional Village Craft.

In August, Dolores will be in the Scottish Borders to present The Hidden Teachings in Occult Fiction.

Visit the Events page for the full calendar, or the individual event listings for more information!

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Congratulations Ann and Jolyon!

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Astrology Services for Initiates

Astrology Service For Initiates - text

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Installment of Dr. Steven Critchley


On the 13th of November 2015 the formal installation of Dr Critchley, as the future Head of the Servants of the Light School, took place at Savio House in Bollington UK. The ceremony was observed by members of all degrees including 11 members of the House of the Amethyst who took part in the brief but uplifting ritual.

The present Director of Studies gave a short account of her own unexpected election to the post by W.E. Butler our Founder. She went on to say that the choosing of the right candidate had taken many years of trial and error but that finally history had repeated itself. From a totally unexpected direction the right person had, all unknowingly, given the right combination of names, words, and declaration of intent. Since then his training and dedication has been quietly but steadily increasing, augmented by visits to many of the overseas Lodges and Magi.

The training is still going on and will continue until the next stage is reached which will be the handing over of full Leadership by Michael and Dolores, at which time Steven will begin his task of taking the SOL into its Third Phase.

Ernest Butler (a Violet Ray) built the School on the strong Foundation of Love. This vibration of colour he shared with Michael. Dolores is of the Green Ray of Creative Power. This enabled her to widen the schools’ teaching to take in the new aspects of Mystery teachings that have opened up in the last fifty years. Steven is of the Blue Ray, the Consolidating Power, that will in the future bring all three Rays together.

Since starting as The Helios Course in 1964 and metamorphosing into the SOL in the early seventies the school has successfully weathered 50 years of active existence. This has been mainly due to the strongly sustained support of our Spiritual Patron, named by Ernest Butler as The Opener of the Ways, but also to the students, supervisors/admin group and sponsors throughout the years. With the New Course running well and attracting new students the SOL is now firmly set on course for its second fifty years of sustaining the Ancient Mysteries.

Michael B.R. Nowicki, principal Director
Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Director of Studies


Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Director of Studies SOL pictured with Roger Calliste, Director of Studies of The House of the Ibis, Trinidad, Steven Critchley, Assistant Director of Studies SOL and Jorge Nájera, Director of Studies of Fraternidad del Círculo Dorado, Mexico.

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Gathering of the Lights

The Gathering of the Lights is now open for booking. Would Lodge Magi and other attendees please contact Steven Critchley to confirm places.

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Dolores Autumn Workshops

Director of Studies Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is beginning her Autumn workshop series, with weekends in the United States (DelawareSeattle, and Philadelphia) as well as a workshop in London.

Visit the events page for more details!

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