The Table of Remembered Hope

SOL Lodge Merlin would like to share a pathworking in commemoration of the Battle of the Somme, which was fought one century ago, between July and November 1916 and in which the SOL’s first Director of Studies W.E. Butler was engaged.

This pathworking may be undertaken at any time, especially during this centenary period of July to November 2016. Lodge Merlin particularly invites all who are able to do so to join them (inwardly) in the pathworking at 9pm BST this Tuesday, 12 July.

Click here to download The Table of Remembered Hope

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Exclusive and Original Artwork for Sale

This beautiful poster illustrating the principal of As Above So Below was designed by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and created by Chris Hill.

It is a feature of Lesson 5 in the final phase of SOL’s new Course but because of its extraordinary power it was decided to offer it in poster form to the public.

Chris Hill, the artist, is well known for his amazing ability to take a spiritual idea and from it create an image that implants itself deep into the sub-conscious. This is no exception and deserves a place in the heart of all who revere the Mysteries. It is a limited edition of 500.

Each poster is numbered and is signed by the artist and Dolores Ashcroft- Nowicki.

UK £17 inc P&P. A3 size. USA and International £20 due to added postage. A3 size.

Email if you would like to order a poster and your order will be forwarded directly to Dolores. PLEASE make sure you include your full name and shipping address so that the order can be fulfilled.

Steven Critchley will initially handle your order and give you Dolores’ PayPal details so that you can make a payment.

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Dolores’ Spring/Summer Workshops: USA East Coast and UK

UPDATED with an August workshop in Scotland!

Director of Studies Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki has a busy lineup of workshops scheduled for Spring/Summer 2016 in the USA and UK!

First she will be visiting the East Coast of the USA in April: the tour begins in Atlanta, GA, where Dolores will present The Elements Within. She’ll then go to Laurel, MD (DC area) to present the Mysteries of Orpheus, and wrap up in Philadelphia, PA with the Training of the Solo Magician.

In May, Dolores will present a residential workshop at Savio House with Steven Critchley, on the Training and Work of the Magician Priest.

In early June, Dolores will be in Cardiff, Wales, to present The Power of the Hebrew Letters. Later in the month she will be in London to present a workshop on Traditional Village Craft.

In August, Dolores will be in the Scottish Borders to present The Hidden Teachings in Occult Fiction.

Visit the Events page for the full calendar, or the individual event listings for more information!

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Congratulations Ann and Jolyon!

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Astrology Services for Initiates

Astrology Service For Initiates - text

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Gathering of the Lights

The Gathering of the Lights is now open for booking. Would Lodge Magi and other attendees please contact Steven Critchley to confirm places.

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Dolores Autumn Workshops

Director of Studies Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is beginning her Autumn workshop series, with weekends in the United States (DelawareSeattle, and Philadelphia) as well as a workshop in London.

Visit the events page for more details!

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In Memoriam: Arpad Joo

I was saddened to learn of the death of Arpad Joo, the Hungarian Maestro at the early age of 65. He had earned a place of great renown in the world of music and achieved international fame at an early age. I met him and stayed with him in Canada in the eighties when he was the Musical Director of the Calgary Philharmonic and for some years he was a member of SOL, indeed he was at one time suggested as a possible future Director of Studies…but his music had the greatest call on his life.

We met again in London when he made his debut at the Festival Hall and he invited me to attend along with his then mentor in Vedic  Studies. He retained a lifelong interest in all things spiritual. We lost touch over the last few years but he has left a lasting impression on my life. God Speed Arpad, may the Boat of Millions of Years take you into the Light.
Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


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Admissions Waiting List Announcement

Due to the popularity of the new Main Course we are now operating a waiting list for accepted students. This is due to the fact that all our courses are supervised and at the moment supervisors are working with a maximum number of students.
If you wish to apply please submit an application as per the instructions on this website.
You will receive a confirmation that we have received your application, it will then be forwarded to the Director of Studies as usual, and we will notify you of her decision.
If your application is successful then we will contact you again as soon as a supervisor becomes available.  This may take several months.
Thank you for your interest in studying with us.
SOL Admin.
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Updated: Summer Workshops with Dolores in the UK

An Astral Doorway is a strange and wonderful thing. Approach it with the wonder of a child and it will be a delight. Approach it with scepticism and it will respond in kind.

On the weekends of 6-7 and 27-28 June 2015, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki will be in the UK presenting workshops about Astral Doorways.


As occult practitioners we are well aware of the power of the Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and of the ensouled Beings who represent the egregore, and the cohesive mind of the elemental worlds. On the weekend of 1-2 August, Dolores will be in the Scottish Borders to present a new workshop, The Elements Within Us.


Check the Events page for the full schedule, or to go straight to a particular event, click here for information about the Astral Doorways workshop in Cardiff and here for information about the Astral Doorways workshop in London, or here for information about the Elements Within workshop in the Scottish Borders!

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