SOL School Inner Temple

A Guide to working in the inner temple of the SOL school has been prepared by the Director of Studies for all SOL students and members.

The guide is available for download in the members-only section of the website, linked from each course catalog section and also the supervisor downloads section, or here (if you are a logged in student or supervisor):

Sanctuary of the Living Flame of Love

UPDATED: both full-color and printer-friendly versions available in this download item.

The inner temple is a ‘space’ where students, supervisors, lodge leaders and other members of the school can, meditate, pray and engage with personal interior work.

It is a place where collective or personal needs can be brought into the Light in prayer. It is a place where any that are in need or that are sick or in trouble can be remembered in meditative prayer.

The inner temple can be accessed any time but we encourage those who have access to use it regularly at the time of the new moon each month.

We hope that you will enjoy learning to use the inner temple of the SOL and that your work in the sanctuary, serving the Light, will be fruitful and prosper.

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Time to Say Goodbye

On Monday the 11th June I will celebrate my 89th birthday and it is the day I have chosen to pass on the Directorship of the SOL to Dr Steven Critchley.

I feel it’s fitting that on his day and at 5:30pm, the time  I was born, it is time for me to enter a new chapter in my life. I will still be a part of the SOL in many ways,  I’ll still do workshops in the UK and USA, and anywhere that wants me!! I’ll still keep in touch with everyone because you are“ family”, but the reins will be firmly in the hands of Steven.

As I have said before, there will be changes, as there were changes when I took over from Ernest.That is inevitable and it will take time to adjust, so take a deep breath and lets the dust settle.

Steven and I are different people with different ways of working. He is far more organised than I am, perhaps less easy going, but as a Yorkshire man, you will have someone you can trust and rely on in difficult times. As many of you know it took me years and many trials to find a successor, mainly because in my arrogance I thought it was MY choice. It wasn’t… and that was made clear to me. Time after time it became obvious that it was always going to be the choice of The Opener of the Ways.  No one was more surprised than Steven and I were when exactly the same thing happened as it did with Ernest and I.  The offer of a secret name and the Unreserved Dedication. Over the years the subtle changes  have shown that the Opener has always been in charge.

We now have a solid Admin group, an organised listing of students, and a solid , well trained supervising team that Ernest would have been proud of. I on the other hand will have time to write, and I have a list of five MSs waiting in the wings. I have no plans to lie around and do nothing. I plan to expand the Solar-Light video club into a larger business that will take in outside trips to Sacred Sights, and include talks with other occult teachers and writers.

Even at 89 there are things to see, do, and create.Recent changes in my personal life will mean there is more time available for such things.

The hardest thing of all will be to sit back and watch the changes as they occur. Ernest withdrew entirely, but that was his way. But YOU, each and everyne one of you, has become and will remain a much loved friend. I am leaving you in well trained hands. Steven will rely on your commitment to the Great Work, as I have relied on you for the last 45 years to keep the SOL going. We have lasted for 50 years, longer than many such schools and the future with all its new ideas, and wonders that are to come, lie in your hands.

Thank you, all of you, for the years you have given to the SOL and the love and support you have given to me.  You have enriched my life a thousand fold, and filled me with pride at what you have built. We have talked, and argued, laughed and cried, eaten and drunk together. We have shared good times and bad, seen births and sorrowed over deaths,  we are so much more than a ‘School’. We have been, we are, and we will always be,  a spiritual community following the way of the ancient Alexandrian Teachings from  which we stem.

Don’t forget me…. I will be here for you until I join Ernest…and even then call and I’ll come.

love to you all, Dolores.

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SOL & GPDR Compliance

The EU will soon be introducing new information-handling requirements, and the SOL is working to ensure we are in compliance.

We do not send our students many emails generally especially not marketing emails. We certainly do not work with any other schools, sell or share mailing lists. SOL exists to teach our students and to provide them with training and to support any student communities that arise, such as study groups or lodges. We do not keep any kind of marketing email database aimed at getting new members to join. We have never, and never will, focus on how many students we have as an indication of success with regards to teaching the mysteries.

We aim to focus on the quality of the teaching we give to those who wish to work with us. We also turn many applications down if we feel we cannot serve particular individuals effectively.

All of our workshops, services and most news is posted on this website and our Facebook page.

However, we need to update our email database as we now need to ask students that want to receive any emails from us about services or workshops and news to give us their permission to contact them.

Please do not email us if you are not a student as we do not have a email database for general marketing.

Many Thanks and students, please let us know.

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Director of Studies Announcement

A Public Announcement from the Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light to all SOL students, members and friends of the school.

Dolores has now made a public announcement, at her workshop with the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel in Southern Delaware, USA, stating that on June 11th this year at 5:30pm Dr Steven Critchley will be succeeding her in the role of Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light school.

Dolores became Director of Studies on October 31st 1976 when her teacher and the founder of the SOL, W. E. Butler, retired from the post.

Dolores is not retiring from her personal work as a writer and teacher through workshops and her new Solar Light Video Club, so students will still have opportunity to work with her directly.

Although Dolores will be stepping down as Director of Studies she will continue to support the work of the SOL and consult with Steven as he grows into his new role as director of the school and head of the SOL.

All of the responsibilities and authority of the mantle of the directorship that have been in Dolores’ charge are being transferred to Steven on Dolores’ 89th birthday.

This means that Steven will be responsible for the direction of the teachings of the school and the work of the SOL as an esoteric order; the guardianship of the school will be his responsibility as will the authority to initiate candidates to all degrees of initiation that are worked in the school, including summoning to the third degree.

Steven will serve the SOL Lodges using the title Magister (Teacher) when working with them and be responsible for raising Lodges in the school to all three degrees. In the future he may also confirm and charter new Daughter Schools of the SOL which can in turn become fully independent schools in their own right, such as is already the case with the Fraternidad del Círculo Dorado in Mexico and The House of the Ibis in Trinidad.

Steven has over 30 years of experience working in various spiritual paths, esoteric systems and disciplines with several teachers. He is an initiate with practical experience in Pagan, esoteric Christian, Hermetic and Qabalistic contexts of working with the Mysteries. He has been trained by Dolores for several years and travelled extensively with her teaching beside her and learning to work with the inner plane Contact of the SOL as the head of the school.

The business side of the school is now also in Steven’s direct care and the copyrights to all school teaching materials, correspondence courses and school insignia are already under his management as director.

Dolores wrote to the Supervisors and Lodge Magi, recently, ahead of this public announcement, concerning Steven becoming Director of Studies:

“In 1964 Michael and I began training with the Inner Light, though having been born into an occult minded family I already had a fair grounding of knowledge. So, all in all I have served The Light for a total of fifty-four Years. It never crossed my mind that over half a century of work lay before me, or that the same work would take me to over twenty countries and several thousand students would pass through my hands in one way or another. It has been a journey of pure wonder, hard work, joy, and some really hard times. There have been cross-roads to choose from, and at times there has been a need to retrace steps and change direction. But all things are finite, and my own journey must now take a different direction.

Early in that journey I was placed into the care of a Being from a Higher Level who has remained with me, walked with me, taught me, corrected me when it was needed. That Being remains with me and will be there when my own journey comes to an end.

Over the years I tried to find someone to whom I could pass the Baton. I failed each time, because of a fault in me. I thought, in my pride, that it was my choice, it was not. It was the choice of a Higher Hierarchy. Ernest had been told someone would offer themselves and would give him a name. I should have realised history would repeat itself. Finally, it did. It was a shock to both of us. In that moment I understood why Ernest dropped and broke his pipe (at the moment he became aware that I was his successor) and how he felt when someone he’d only known for a few months gave him the name of his Inner Plane Teacher and told him they would take on his life’s work.

I have done my best to train, inform, teach, and guide my successor but now it is time to step aside and let someone else take the reins. At least he has known it was coming for several years…. Ernest told everyone else before he told me!

The Being who has for the past 50 years shared my life, my ‘beingness’, my heart, mind and spirit is still with me as He promised, but He will now also walk beside the person who will take the SOL into the 21st century.

Ernest was a Violet Ray and founded the SOL on its power of LOVE. I am Green Ray and it was my task to spread the teaching far and wide using the power of EVANGELISM to inform and bring people together. My successor is Blue Ray and will use the power of ORGANISATION and BALANCE to consolidate what Ernest began.”

We are grateful for the support and prayers of the students of the school, the Supervisors, Lodge Magi and friends of the SOL at this time of transition where the work begun by Ernest and expanded by Dolores will now be carried forward by Steven.

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Dolores’ Solar Light Video Club

Dolores is pleased to announce the full first year’s schedule of lectures to be available in the Solar Light video club! Click here to download the leaflet for more information.

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New Interview with Dolores

Readers will be interested to learn that Dolores has recently been interviewed on the Thoth-Hermes podcast! The interview is available at the Thoth-Hermes website, at the following link for streaming and download:

Episode 12 – Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

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Dolores’ Book Recommendation: Medicine Woman

SOL is fast becoming a nursery for writers. We are proud to present

Medicine Woman: The Hard-Working Doctor’s Guide to Creating a Life of Freedom and Choice .

By Maritta  Philp MD

Have you stopped believing it is possible to be a doctor and live a happy and stress free life?
Do your relationships and health suffer due to excessive work related stress and demands?
Do you feel it might be time to quit your practice?

This is not just for medical practitioners, but for all those who want to know more about alternative medicines and their uses.

It will be offered FREE on Amazon for the next 5 days.

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Book Announcement: The Keys to the Temple

We highly recommend reading, The Keys to the Temple: Unlocking Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah Through Her Occult Novels by Penny Billington and Ian Rees. Dion Fortune taught practical magical techniques, based on the theory presented in The Mystical Qabalah, in her occult fiction. This important book elucidates the way in which Dion Fortune and her magical associates practised Qabalistic teachings. Available now from your local bookseller, or via Amazon in the US or in the UK.
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Rituals of the Light Within: a new book by Elizabeth Anderton Fox

The SOL is pleased and proud to recommend a new book, Rituals of the Light Within, by Elizabeth Anderton Fox, an SOL Supervisor of many years’ experience.

This compendium of her magical writings, drawn from her wide experience of work within SOL and several other streams of the Western Way, will be an invaluable addition to any magical library and is especially recommended for SOL students.

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Book Recommendation from Dolores

DRAGON WAKING  by Grayson Towler. Albert  Whitman and Co.

“Rose knows all about being an outsider, being bullied and seen as a weirdo. She prefers to live in her own inner world peopled by  friendly dragons.Then, one magical day she finds a real dragon, one with the power to shape shift and her world changes forever.”

This is a really good Christmas buy for children, who still believe in magic, children who know what it is like to have a friend who is ‘ Different’. In many ways it is a ‘traditional’ story written in a traditional way and all the more powerful for that.

Written with a deep understanding of how children cope with their inner world, this is a ‘first’ book by Grayson Towler and it will not be the last. He is an author to watch if you have young children gifted with imagination. There are some authors who have a  talent for writing  childrens books , without talking down to them, as if they themselves have entered that world and know it well. Put it on your Christmas list for nieces, nephews, god-children, or your own if they are in this age group.. it is also for those adults who never really grown up.. like me.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


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