The Gareth Knight Conference

Steven Critchley is giving a talk at this year’s Gareth Knight Conference in Glastonbury, hosted by the Gareth Knight Group, on Saturday 25th March.

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Announcing Tarot of Eternal Being Tarot Deck by Ann Stoker (SOL) and Tarot and the Cube of Space by Oderic (SOL)

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new tarot deck and book produced by two long-standing members of the SOL that also volunteer as supervisors in the SOL school.

The Cube of Space by Oderic (SOL)

 Tarot of Eternal Being – Tarot deck by Ann Stoker (SOL)

10 years in the making, an entirely new Tarot deck and interpretation, considered by reference to the Cube of Space, as revealed in the Book of Formation, Sepher Yetzirah (committed to writing c. 3rd/4th century CE). In the several thousands of years that the esoteric principles of the Tarot Keys have been in formation, it is only in the last 100 years that the fully-fledged revelation of the Cube of Space has been made manifest. 

At last, the Tarot of Eternal Being and the Cube of Space offer access into the truly magical consciousness. While the glyph of the Tree of Life sets down the innumerable correspondences of Hermetic Qabalah, it is the Cube of Space that gives them order, definition, context and cohesion.

Tarot of Eternal Being deck £50. Tarot and the Cube of Space book £50. Discount of 20% when purchased together £80. 


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In Memoriam – Elizabeth Anderton-Fox

We are sad to announce that Elizabeth Anderton-Fox has died recently following a stay in hospital.

Many SOL Students owe a great deal to Elizabeth Anderton-Fox, who worked as a senior supervisor in the SOL School for decades.

She and her husband, John Fox, became involved in the school in the 1980s and early 1990s, attending workshops held by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, and they also studied the SOL Practical Course on the Mystical Qabalah by W.E. Butler. Both John and Elizabeth worked as SOL supervisors for many years.

John and Elizabeth taught workshops through their organisation called Sirius, and both taught alongside Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki on several occasions and were dear friends of Dolores’.

Dolores and Elizabeth successfully taught a series of workshops together in the UK, and the USA called Ritual with Purpose that ran for many years.

Both Elizabeth and John were involved in SOL Lodges too, particularly Lodge Sothis in Manchester; they were both involved in AMORC, the founding and organisation of the British Martinist Order, and The Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica (OMCE) too and were dedicated Rosicrucians.

Elizabeth also worked in Co-Masonry and often attended meetings in London and elsewhere in the country in connection with that work which she loved.

Elizabeth supervised the current Director of Studies of the SOL, Dr Steven Critchley, through the Butler Course, initiated him to 1st degree in the SOL and taught him ceremonial magic techniques in Lodge Sothis of which he was a member for several years,

Please light passing candles in remembrance of Elizabeth, who dedicated her life to the Great Work in many ways and helped many on the path in the light of truth with kindness and integrity.

Elizabeth’s Funeral is being held on Thursday, 16th March, and anyone wishing to attend can contact Steven Critchley for further details.

Elizabeth requested donations be made to the British Martinist Order in leu of any floral tributes:

Donations can be made directly through bank transfer:

Account name: British  Martinist Order
Account number: 54394833
Sort Code: 05-09-89
Alternatively, donations can be made via the website at


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Alison Downing’s Funeral

Alison’s Downing’s funeral will be on Thursday 19th Jan. @ 12.00 at the Garden of England crematorium, Sheppey way, Sittingbourne, Kent. ME9 8GZ.

SOL members may want to attend and pay their respects at the crematorium.

Please be aware, though, that the family has pre-arranged catering after the funeral for a limited number of guests who have been invited.

There is a Premier Inn & a Holiday Inn close by.

There will be a motorcycle escort for Alison to the crematorium.

Family flowers only.

Donations in memory of Alison to Wisteria Cat Rescue via William Whitmey funeral directors.

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In Memoriam – Linda Carter-Jackson – A Message from Chris Carter-Jackson

Linda Carter-Jackson

”To those of you who knew (know) her, I am sorry to announce the passing into The Light of my dear wife Linda Carter-Jackson on Tuesday 20th December.

Linda was a force behind myself, Barry and Andy when we started the Gathering of the Lights weekends a few years ago. I remember, after a Mage meeting or was it a 2nd degree ceremony? – The mind falters – with Dolores, sitting in a curry house (Barry, Jolyon, Helene etc… may remember) we discussed a joint Lodge get together (Barry, Mo and I had already had some joint Northern Lodge meetings) and all of a sudden everyone looked at me and said – you need to ask the Boss. Linda was so enthusiastic about this idea so, when Giles Lodge was raised (I was unemployed – a rarity) at the time I received a call from D. on the morning saying she would cover my rail fare to attend. You did not disagree with her. So, Linda said I need to put the idea forward when I got a chance

Anyway, we (Dolores and I) got the train back to London next day and I summoned up the courage to propose this GOL, as it became known by to Dolores and, the dear lady agreed.

Linda was also a member of Lodge Morning Star and I can tell you she drummed it into us how important it was to enter the Lodge correctly, so everyone ended at their appropriate place before a ceremony started. That was her Masonic training coming through. Me? I was just the Magus.

Linda was a 30th Degree in Freemasonry and ruled a few Lodges of various degrees.

Dolores graciously allowed Giles to bestow the 1st degree red cord of the Initiate upon Linda even though she did not complete the SOL Course.

Friends far and wide are tuning in tomorrow  23rd at 7.00pm for a ceremony I will be undertaking so, if you see this in time and want to remember Linda please light a candle I would be most grateful. Or, if too late please light the candle.

You never leave SOL. Once you are in then it becomes a part of you.

Love and Light to you all.

Chris Carter-Jackson. Former ARC member, Supervisor and Magus of Lodge Morning Star.

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In Memoriam – Alison Downing


20th December 2022

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I share that Alison Downing passed into the Light last night (19th December) after having a stroke from which she, sadly, did not recover.

I know that you will be as shocked and saddened by this news as I was.

Alison’s sister contacted me today and shared the sad news and asked that I share with you that Alison has died.

Many SOL students have been helped by Alison and know her as a helpful volunteer. Alison helped behind the scenes in the school as an administrator for many years.

She has been a long-standing member of the SOL for decades and worked in lodges and working groups, she worked among us as an exemplary initiate of the school.

Please light passing candles for Alison as individuals and in the SOL Lodges and may Alison’s spirit go forth shining and in peace.

We have lost a great friend and sister in our work.

Please also remember Alison’s partner Simon, friends and family in prayers at this difficult time.

Thank you,


Director of Studies, SOL.




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“The Tree of Life and Death: Transforming the Qlipoth” by Ian Rees

We recommend: The Tree of Life and Death – Transforming the Qlipoth by Ian Rees to all SOL members and students.

This is a welcome contribution to practical studies and deepening work with the Mystical Qabalah.

Click on the image below to link to AEON Books sales page:

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Remembering the Life and Work of Gareth Knight

The SOL school would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Gareth Knight following his death on Tuesday 1st March.

The Helios Book Service, which was founded by Gareth Knight, his wife Roma and John and Mary Hall in the 1960s, was where the Servants of the Light School began in many ways.

The “Helios Course” run by the book-service was initially written by Gareth Knight, and then W.E. Butler was invited to be the Director of Studies of the course, which became the independent Servants of the Light Practical Course on the Mystical Qabalah in 1973.

Gareth Knight continued to support the school and was a good friend of Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki during her tenure as Director of Studies of the SOL and following her retirement.

We owe so much to Gareth Knight and are thankful for his life and service in the Western Esoteric tradition for many decades. His books and teachings are central to contemporary work with the Mystical Qabalah and associated magical traditions.

Many SOL students are remembering his life with appreciation and affection and lighting candles in his memory with a prayerful appreciation of his gifts so generously shared with us.

We would also recommend our students and members honouring the life of Gareth Knight in the way suggested by his daughter, Rebsie Fairholm, on the Gareth Knight Facebook page, who is carrying on the work of the Gareth Knight Group, mystery school.

Follow the link below to read Rebsie Fairholm’s announcement concerning her father’s passing:

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A Talk by Steven Critchley is Available to Watch Online


A talk that Steven presented in support of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh is now available to watch and listen to on YouTube.

If you are interested in listening to the discussion about mediumship, trance (altered states of awareness), the work of Dion Fortune and some of our school’s understandings of the magic of the Mystical Qabalah please follow the link or watch here.

The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre channel on YouTube is also worth looking at as many of the subjects discussed in the Tuesday Talks, by a range of presenters from around the world including scientists and philosophers as well as scholars and practitioners in various areas, may be of interest to many people in the SOL or that are interested in our work.

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Tarot Journeys: Meditations by Elizabeth Anderton Fox

Elizabeth Anderton Fox’s latest book Tarot Journeys is now available.

Elizabeth brings great insight and expertise to her work that is informed by many decades of experience in the esoteric world.

We highly recommend this publication to all SOL students and friends.

You can buy direct from the publishers:

The book is also available from Amazon UK:


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