Lodge Logios Helios

Servants of the Light Teaching Lodge
Led By the Assistant Director of Studies: Dr Steven Critchley.

In 1974 the SOL’s founder, W.E. Butler, penned an opening ritual for a Lodge called “Logios Helios” that was sent to one of the leading supervisors of the time, Olive Ashcroft.

A copy of the ritual came into Steven’s possession with other core SOL archives in recent years.

W.E. Butler’s Logios Helios Opening Ritual will be used as the opening ceremony at our Lodge Meetings. The opening will be followed by aligned ceremonies that will give students experience of working ritual in diverse and effective ways on both inner, meditative, and external, ceremonial, levels.

SOL Main Course students are invited to attend and participate in these Open Lodge meetings. Regular attendance of Lodge Logios Helios will provide students with similar instruction and experience as they would gain from attending our Ritual Magic 1-3 workshops with the added dimension of attending a genuine lodge ritual in the private temple at SOL HQ with experienced members of Lodge Graal Bearer in attendance too.

For more information, click here to download a flyer.

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New Interview with Dolores

Readers will be interested to learn that Dolores has recently been interviewed on the Thoth-Hermes podcast! The interview is available at the Thoth-Hermes website, at the following link for streaming and download:

Episode 12 – Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

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Dolores’ Solar Light Video Club — Update

Updated 21 December: Following on the earlier announcement, we are pleased to announce that Dolores’ Solar Light video club is now on line for subscriptions:

January 1st.. Titles are
The Gods Within  
Woman and the Grail

We are pleased to announce that Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki’s new video club’s webpage is now live online. The site is still under construction and will only be launched officially on 1st January 2018. However, for the time being some of you might like to keep in touch with Dolores’ new project by visiting: http://www.solar-light.one

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Dolores’ Book Recommendation: Medicine Woman

SOL is fast becoming a nursery for writers. We are proud to present

Medicine Woman: The Hard-Working Doctor’s Guide to Creating a Life of Freedom and Choice .

By Maritta  Philp MD

Have you stopped believing it is possible to be a doctor and live a happy and stress free life?
Do your relationships and health suffer due to excessive work related stress and demands?
Do you feel it might be time to quit your practice?

This is not just for medical practitioners, but for all those who want to know more about alternative medicines and their uses.

It will be offered FREE on Amazon for the next 5 days.

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Book Announcement: The Keys to the Temple

We highly recommend reading, The Keys to the Temple: Unlocking Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah Through Her Occult Novels by Penny Billington and Ian Rees. Dion Fortune taught practical magical techniques, based on the theory presented in The Mystical Qabalah, in her occult fiction. This important book elucidates the way in which Dion Fortune and her magical associates practised Qabalistic teachings. Available now from your local bookseller, or via Amazon in the US or in the UK.
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Dolores’ UK Summer Tour

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, SOL Director of Studies, will present weekend workshops in several UK locations this summer!

In London, on the weekend of 3-4 June, Dolores will present Over the Moon and Under the Sun, on solar and lunar magical practices and influences.

In Cardiff, on 8-9 July, she will present a weekend workshop on Traditional Village Craft.

In Scotland, the weekend of 29-30 July will see Dolores presenting Ancestral Power, Our Magical Inheritance.

Each of these workshops will be a wonderful opportunity for SOL members, and all others who wish to attend, to work with Dolores as she shares her deep knowledge and experience of the Western Way.

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Rituals of the Light Within: a new book by Elizabeth Anderton Fox

The SOL is pleased and proud to recommend a new book, Rituals of the Light Within, by Elizabeth Anderton Fox, an SOL Supervisor of many years’ experience.

This compendium of her magical writings, drawn from her wide experience of work within SOL and several other streams of the Western Way, will be an invaluable addition to any magical library and is especially recommended for SOL students.

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Important Announcement from Dolores for all Supervisors, Magi and Students

Dear Friends,

Dolores asks, please, that people refrain from emailing her, or copying her on emails, at this time as she needs space to focus on the hearth-path for a while.

Steven Critchley, the Assistant Director of Studies, is temporarily taking responsibility for school admissions and examination decisions in Dolores’ stead with support from Patricia Giacquinta, other ARC members and senior Supervisors.

Steven will be in regular contact with Dolores and will be consulting with her as necessary concerning issues or decisions that need to be made as she continues to lead the school but without the pressure of daily email or immediate administrative work being on her shoulders.

Details of how to contact SOL admin are found here: https://www.servantsofthelight.org/about-sol/contact-us/

Students are asked to approach their Supervisors in the first instance if they have any problems or issues they need help with relating to their SOL studies.

Dolores needs a short break from admin work for two reasons.

Firstly, Michael has been ill recently and has been in hospital. Dolores needs to focus on supporting Michael at this time together with the rest of the family.

Secondly, Dolores has a knee-replacement operation booked in early January for which she is preparing and then will need some time to recover from surgery afterwards.

Dolores will also be using this time to focus on some writing projects.

Both Dolores and Michael are grateful for continued support and prayers; they also thank all Supervisors, Lodge Magi and Students for allowing them an increased amount of privacy for a short while.

Dolores looks forward to returning to full administrative duties in the new year.

Dolores and Michael wish all members of the SOL and all friends of the school a wonderful Yuletide, Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.

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Book Recommendation from Dolores

DRAGON WAKING  by Grayson Towler. Albert  Whitman and Co.

“Rose knows all about being an outsider, being bullied and seen as a weirdo. She prefers to live in her own inner world peopled by  friendly dragons.Then, one magical day she finds a real dragon, one with the power to shape shift and her world changes forever.”

This is a really good Christmas buy for children, who still believe in magic, children who know what it is like to have a friend who is ‘ Different’. In many ways it is a ‘traditional’ story written in a traditional way and all the more powerful for that.

Written with a deep understanding of how children cope with their inner world, this is a ‘first’ book by Grayson Towler and it will not be the last. He is an author to watch if you have young children gifted with imagination. There are some authors who have a  talent for writing  childrens books , without talking down to them, as if they themselves have entered that world and know it well. Put it on your Christmas list for nieces, nephews, god-children, or your own if they are in this age group.. it is also for those adults who never really grown up.. like me.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


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Thanks from Dolores and Michael

Michael and I have been overwhelmed by the love, good wishes and congratulations that have poured in from all over the world..The house is full of flowers, letters, cards etc, too many to answer individually. Michael joins me in saying thank you a millions times for all the love that has been given to us. These 40 years since we took over Ernests work have been full of ups and downs, hopes and sometimes a few disappointments, but always moving forwards.So many changes and new ideas but always based on Ernests dream and the instructions he received so long ago.Without people like you, and those who give their time and skills so generously all this would not have been possible. All spiritual projects must begin with a strong Foundation, he gave us that. But to build on that foundation needs dedication and physical and mental effort and you, the students, admin people, supervisors, and Magi have been like the masons and workers who built the great cathedrals of the past. What the SOL has become is due to the dedication and love YOU, have put into it. We thank you for that will all our hearts and offer a blessing on all who serve.

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