Dear SOL Members and Friends,

Everyone who works in the SOL School is a volunteer, and that includes the Director of Studies, the admin team, supervisors, lodge and study group leaders and workshop and events organisers.

Without the work of each volunteer the school would not exist. The work done by each person in the school, supporting our work of practically teaching the Mystical Qabalah and associated subjects, is greatly appreciated and valued.

The SOL School is one of the most respected schools of its kind in the world. The school has many good aspects and has benefitted from the service of many volunteers. However, like all human organisations we have had our fair share of problems and difficulties in the past and there are aspects of our history that I have been contemplating and trying to learn from as we move forward in our work.

In the past months, since taking over the role of Director of Studies, I have been reviewing the school’s administrative structures and we will soon be introducing a code of conduct that I would like all of our volunteers to uphold.

I will be choosing to work in accordance with the new code of conduct in my own work in the school and I am ensuring that the role of Director of Studies is fully accountable too.

Making sure that the SOL School is an ethical organisation, where our students and all voluntary staff feel safe and appropriately supported within healthy boundaries is one of my priorities. Introducing a code of conduct, that we can each use as a guide, that reflects our aims and ideals in the work, is vitally important and will provide clarity.

Soon, each volunteer in the school will receive a copy of the new volunteer code of conduct.

In the future, the code of conduct, will be published on this website together with our revised terms and conditions of service and privacy policy, for students.

With all good wishes as we continue the work of the SOL,


Steven Critchley, Director of Studies, SOL.

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