Lodge Logios Helios

Servants of the Light Teaching Lodge
Led By the Assistant Director of Studies: Dr Steven Critchley.

In 1974 the SOL’s founder, W.E. Butler, penned an opening ritual for a Lodge called “Logios Helios” that was sent to one of the leading supervisors of the time, Olive Ashcroft.

A copy of the ritual came into Steven’s possession with other core SOL archives in recent years.

W.E. Butler’s Logios Helios Opening Ritual will be used as the opening ceremony at our Lodge Meetings. The opening will be followed by aligned ceremonies that will give students experience of working ritual in diverse and effective ways on both inner, meditative, and external, ceremonial, levels.

SOL Main Course students are invited to attend and participate in these Open Lodge meetings. Regular attendance of Lodge Logios Helios will provide students with similar instruction and experience as they would gain from attending our Ritual Magic 1-3 workshops with the added dimension of attending a genuine lodge ritual in the private temple at SOL HQ with experienced members of Lodge Graal Bearer in attendance too.

For more information, click here to download a flyer.

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