The Tree of Life


The above diagram of the Tree of Life links to our interactive Tree diagram where you can explore the Sephiroth and the connecting paths and discover key information pertaining to the Tree in all four worlds.

Fortunately, the entire wisdom of the Qabalah is contained in one simple yet unique and marvelous diagram known as ETZ CHAIM, the Tree of Life. Simple, yes. But this glyph has been described as “the Mighty, All-Embracing Glyph of the Soul of Man and the Universe.” Without this composite symbol, it is probable that the Western Tradition would have been entirely destroyed. Owing to its simplicity, however, the glyph is easily committed to memory; and because of its profundity, from this sparse simplicity can be derived a complete and satisfying philosophy and knowledge of life in both its inner and outer aspects.

The Tree of Life can be likened to a card-index system, in which we can file not only data gained from our conscious sense perception of the physical world, but also data obtained by various means from the inner levels – be it subjective or objective. The latter is mainly discerned by way of dreams, psycho-analytical techniques, psychic experiences and so on.

The techniques of occultism are used to open up an awareness of such psychic experiences in a way that is natural, controlled and systematic. The way to retain one’s bearings during such expansions of consciousness is to use a universal chart or map of all manifested existence – such a map is the Tree of Life.

The Tree maintains an existence on four very different levels or worlds, the Physical, the Astral or Dream World, the Mental and finally the Spiritual. In each world these spheres (Sephiroth) both give and receive influences from those above and below them.  There are two exceptions.   The lowest receives from all those above it. The highest receives from the unknowable Three Veils of Negative Existence, a state we might call Chaos, Desire for Order and Potential.