The Egyptian Neters, Epilogue

by Billie Walker-John


In the preceding five short articles I have presented only the briefest of introductions to the Egyptian Neters, employing the illuminating medium of the Symbolist interpretation to do so. In such briefness, of necessity, only the very tip of the proverbial iceberg can ever be seen or grasped, which is why I would like to direct those whose interest has – hopefully – been whetted by these articles (and by the Symbolists themselves via my use of their viewpoint – to seek out the works of R A Schwaller de Lubicz, his wife Isha, Lucie Lamy, Bika Reed and John Anthony West (a few of these titles have been listed in my Sources section at the end of each article) and read their far more profound works for themselves. My major objective here has been to have the interested student/reader begin to realise the vast more that there is to the Egyptian Neters than conventional books on the subject of the ancient Egyptian ‘gods’ would lead one to believe. It is also to be hoped that through a study, and a personal realisation, of the Neters that the purpose of the Mysteries can be enacted once more, and that initiation into these Mysteries can become a direct and discernible reality for those who seek them.