Priests of Darkness

By Michael Nowicki, for SOL, August 2002

Please note: This lecture was written especially for SOL and the copyright is invested in M Nowicki and SOL. Permission is granted for individuals to take one hard copy of this article for personal use. Electronic copying or storageis strictly forbidden, as is the posting on other websites.

You have declared that you are priests of light but please remember that on the other side of the balancing scales there are priests of darkness, who one way or another spoil the path and the enlightenment of those who strive to bring everything to balance.

The Prince of Darkness is a lord of chaos and sometimes when, as a priest of light, you see chaos somewhere, you shudder and think wouldn’t it be nice if this was resolved. That chaos is caused by a priest of darkness laying a finger very lightly on something, for the forces of chaos and darkness are extremely subtle and extremely intelligent. To find out how they work we must contemplate total darkness to feel what it is that brings the priest of darkness into the open. Lets look at him face to face. Who is he? What do his destination and his desire have to do with us?

MichaelYou won’t know the answer if you avoid it. As a priest of light you have to¬†face the darkness sooner or later, for you will come against a force of darkness that is trying to overwhelm you and trying to spoil your life and that of those around you. The more powerful the light within you then the more powerful is the opposition. What you are trying to do is not to conquer it, for you never will as light and darkness are of the same Creator. This is a fact. Light and darkness comes from the same Creator because the priests of darkness and their force teach you by temptation what to do and what not to do. They put ‘goodies’ in front of your personality – ‘oh that tastes good’, ‘that looks nice’, ‘you do that really well’ and you fall right into the pit until they grab you by the glorification of certain paths and mesmerise you by the fabulous things you can do. They inveigle and trap you in self-importance and you begin to make bigger and bigger mistakes.

You are totally unaware because they work in such a way that a particular path you have taken is totally explainable, totally intelligent, totally rational, until you begin to find you have got less and less friends and people begin to avoid you. What is beginning to mediate and radiate through your personality is disruption, hate, chaos, malice, antipathy and anger. You might become angry for reasons that seem very rational to you, which the darker forces say you are justified to feel or use. Of course being an emotional being and using those emotions you follow that character and you fall totally innocently into the trap of the forces of darkness.

Once you step onto the path of decline you go into darker and darker realms where the light is beginning to be practically invisible. You don’t even realise you are there. You have lost your friends, your family, your job has gone, etc., but you still pursue this path – led by the carrot of inner desires and entrapment of the glamour that might appear to you as doing things with and for a good purpose. This is where a priest of light must analyse his own motives and those of others. Trust but verify.

I am talking to you and saying a lot of things from my own personal experience but my personal experience is not necessarily applicable to your life. You have to verify what I say and ask yourself what it means – or even question me – I have to verify and look at what might not have rung true. That is how we learn. You must verify certain lectures or ideas and thoughts that you have and look at where they are leading you. As a priest of light you have to be extremely careful not to upset people because with this title comes total responsibility for your own actions. You are starting to have authority. My usual statement is that if a small person makes a mistake it is a small mistake but if a person of authority makes a ‘boob’ it is a major one because it involves so many people. So as you attain more and more authority you have to balance it with more and more humility, and more and more verifications of your thoughts and actions.

All the errors and mistakes are natural ones but there are certain errors of misjudgement in your life that show the touch of the priests of darkness, where they slightly deflect you from your desire towards the point of light. Those particular deflections, although minute and seemingly unrecognisable at the beginning, put you on a completely different tangent. You have got emotions involved, you have got rationality involved, you have got parallel thought involved. People appear who agree with that particular deviation because the powers of darkness use every trick possible to take you off that line of approach where you as a priest of light try to bring balance. You see we don’t feel quite right in total darkness and sometimes we are scared of it. The powers of darkness hate the light. They hate light, they hate laughter, they hate balance, they hate order, they hate tolerance, they hate love and they hate affection. Everything is against them so they try to deflect you from the path of light that you have attained or that you try to attain.

When you stand in total darkness visualise yourself as a priest of light stood upon the cosmic plaque with this divine spark in your core starting to flame out and enlarge until your inner and outer being are covered in this light. That is your saving grace at the point where you see there is no other help available, you have lost confidence in everything and everybody, and are just waiting for this hammer of darkness to come and shatter you to pieces. This is where the final takeover by the priests of darkness comes when they take your reason away, they grab the final point in your thinking and drag you to the depths, where they can do with you whatever they wish. But even then it is not a disaster. You have to remember one thing: in you is the divine spark. Although it rnight be minute, a tiny pinpoint of light, every light has a point of its destruction and darkness, but every sphere of darkness has its point of light and its salvation.

This is the basis of the teaching that light and darkness and good and evil are just a balancing scale that the creator has put on earth for us to learn. Don’t fool yourself that you will be able to destroy darkness or the priests of evil, because if you did everything would topple over – there would be no opposition. As above so below after another manner. There must be balance and pressure to create movement forward. There must be attraction and repulsion. There must be polarity, and polarity does create division in your mind. There have to be opposites and you stand on the middle pillar and try to feel this balancing force.

Gently and slowly, knowing what I have said and contemplating it, you have to come to this understanding within you that sooner or later you will meet, eye to eye, this evil force. Maybe you have already. Maybe within you rages this battle of light against darkness, not constantly raging, but you feel this opposition. Remember you have the opportunity to create your heaven here and now if you have enough courage, guts, strength and understanding to face this opposition and realise that they have got their allotted space on the balancing arms of justice. Once you come to that understanding you will be able to come to some sort of peace.

One of the subtle ways that they work to tempt you is through gossip. One repeats something and it isn’t quite right and then it is repeated to someone else and they add a little bit more and by the time it gets back to you it is totally different. Always remember that as priests of light we have to be extremely careful because as the light gets stronger within our hearts so it opens wider and wider possibilities for the priests of darkness to come and spoil our world. Be alert and confident in your own strengths and abilities to be able to stand and face it across the chasm and say ‘keep to your side’. Remember you are a child of this planet created in the image of the Creator so keep that at the forefront of your mind. Remember also that fear is the door through which the forces of darkness enter to penetrate deeper within. Fear is very difficult to conquer. This is only achieved by a greater understanding of what you fear. All of us have fears and anxieties but once you face them and try to understand what they are you will find they disappear. So once you face the darkness and find out whether it is physical, mental or spiritual you are on the right track; and having confidence of the light within you you bring that light into your environment and by illuminating your environment you begin to understand everything within that darkness.