Below is a collection of articles and knowledge papers written by the founders of the school and other contributors, offered for the interest of the reader and seeker. Unless otherwise noted, copyright is held by the author or by the Servants of the Light, and we request that no copies be made or distributed without written permission.

W.E. Butler

The Egregore of a School, in his inimitable style, Ernest Butler explains the concept of an Egregore

Keys in Practical Magic, a comprehensive outline of the craft of practical magic

Notes on Ritual Training, good practical advice to beginners and old hands alike

Personality: we’ve all got one, but what is it really and how is it used in occult development?

One Kind of GhostOn hauntings, astral images and helping the departed

Esoteric GovernmentOn how Occult Societies organise and run themselves

What We AreHow and why the SOL came into being, what it is, and about the work it does

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

An interview with Dolores, conducted in 1996 by Mark Stavish

Your Unseen Power, an interview with Dolores conducted in 2006 by Sounds True

IlluminationsAn article by Dolores advertising her book “Illuminations” for the Watkins catalogue, 2003

The Western Mystery TraditionOn the origins of the occult schools in the West, and what to expect when joining one

Coming HomeA true tale about the Washington Memorial, a painting and soldiers marching into the Light at last

Real Magic, and The Servants Of The Light Course

Which WitchAn interview with Dolores conducted in Trinidad by Lisa Allen-Agostini

Rites of PassageMyth speaks to us of human destiny

The Faerie Tradition, the opening lecture of the Taliaris workshop, Beltane 2001

To Serve the Light, about Service


Herbie Brennan

Conjuration, a topic even many occultists consider Medieval superstition


Robert King

The Christian Mysteries, a view from W.E. Butler’s first teacher.

Simon Court

The Law of Ubiquity: “Life is Ubiquitous…”

The Occultist in Action: you will sooner or later come to the rather devastating realisation that you are required to actually do something with all your studies and training.


Billie Walker-John

The Egyptian Neters, Part 1. Herodotus regarded the Egyptians as the most scrupulously religious of mankind and, as is well-known, Egypt has no end of gods and goddesses.

The Egyptian Neters, Part 2. The Egyptian concept of creation as a ‘successive becoming’, or theogony

The Egyptian Neters, Part 3. These differentiated sections, while seen as separate, were actually complementary versions of the one overall concept.

The Egyptian Neters, Part 4. “When a message comes from heaven, it is heard at Heliopolis, it is repeated at Memphis to Ptah and it is made into a letter written in the letters of Thoth [at Hermopolis] for the City of Amun [Thebes]”

The Egyptian Neters, Part 5. At Thebes with Amun, we shall see the result of this journey, and what has ‘become’ of the message.

The Egyptian Neters, Epilogue.


Michael Neal

Reflections on Western Magic, the Native and Hermetic traditions


Marie Fornario

The Immortal Hour, an essay on a modern Celtic Faery play


Frater S.A.

The Magic Flute, the soul’s advancement through initiation as outlined in Mozart’s occult opera


Ioannis Marathakis

Thoughts on Elemental Correspondences  of I-Ching & Geomancy. A thought-provoking consideration of the relationships between of the I-Ching and Geomancy.

Incense: From Papyri to Grimoires. A treatise on incense through the ages from Ancient Egypt to modern times, with detailed component descriptions and bibliography.


John Barbiero

Following the Guiding Thread Through the Labyrinth. One seeker’s thoughts on the Path of Return.

Tim Keen

The Four Planes of Manifestation. Ancient knowledge must be given new forms.