In Memoriam – Linda Carter-Jackson – A Message from Chris Carter-Jackson

Linda Carter-Jackson

”To those of you who knew (know) her, I am sorry to announce the passing into The Light of my dear wife Linda Carter-Jackson on Tuesday 20th December.

Linda was a force behind myself, Barry and Andy when we started the Gathering of the Lights weekends a few years ago. I remember, after a Mage meeting or was it a 2nd degree ceremony? – The mind falters – with Dolores, sitting in a curry house (Barry, Jolyon, Helene etc… may remember) we discussed a joint Lodge get together (Barry, Mo and I had already had some joint Northern Lodge meetings) and all of a sudden everyone looked at me and said – you need to ask the Boss. Linda was so enthusiastic about this idea so, when Giles Lodge was raised (I was unemployed – a rarity) at the time I received a call from D. on the morning saying she would cover my rail fare to attend. You did not disagree with her. So, Linda said I need to put the idea forward when I got a chance

Anyway, we (Dolores and I) got the train back to London next day and I summoned up the courage to propose this GOL, as it became known by to Dolores and, the dear lady agreed.

Linda was also a member of Lodge Morning Star and I can tell you she drummed it into us how important it was to enter the Lodge correctly, so everyone ended at their appropriate place before a ceremony started. That was her Masonic training coming through. Me? I was just the Magus.

Linda was a 30th Degree in Freemasonry and ruled a few Lodges of various degrees.

Dolores graciously allowed Giles to bestow the 1st degree red cord of the Initiate upon Linda even though she did not complete the SOL Course.

Friends far and wide are tuning in tomorrow  23rd at 7.00pm for a ceremony I will be undertaking so, if you see this in time and want to remember Linda please light a candle I would be most grateful. Or, if too late please light the candle.

You never leave SOL. Once you are in then it becomes a part of you.

Love and Light to you all.

Chris Carter-Jackson. Former ARC member, Supervisor and Magus of Lodge Morning Star.

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