Important Announcement from Dolores for all Supervisors, Magi and Students

Dear Friends,

Dolores asks, please, that people refrain from emailing her, or copying her on emails, at this time as she needs space to focus on the hearth-path for a while.

Steven Critchley, the Assistant Director of Studies, is temporarily taking responsibility for school admissions and examination decisions in Dolores’ stead with support from Patricia Giacquinta, other ARC members and senior Supervisors.

Steven will be in regular contact with Dolores and will be consulting with her as necessary concerning issues or decisions that need to be made as she continues to lead the school but without the pressure of daily email or immediate administrative work being on her shoulders.

Details of how to contact SOL admin are found here:

Students are asked to approach their Supervisors in the first instance if they have any problems or issues they need help with relating to their SOL studies.

Dolores needs a short break from admin work for two reasons.

Firstly, Michael has been ill recently and has been in hospital. Dolores needs to focus on supporting Michael at this time together with the rest of the family.

Secondly, Dolores has a knee-replacement operation booked in early January for which she is preparing and then will need some time to recover from surgery afterwards.

Dolores will also be using this time to focus on some writing projects.

Both Dolores and Michael are grateful for continued support and prayers; they also thank all Supervisors, Lodge Magi and Students for allowing them an increased amount of privacy for a short while.

Dolores looks forward to returning to full administrative duties in the new year.

Dolores and Michael wish all members of the SOL and all friends of the school a wonderful Yuletide, Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.

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