House of the Net – SOL Theurgic Prayer

The House of the Net monthly linking meditation has been used in the SOL school for many years and we want to introduce a renewed and restructured way of working with the House of the Net for current SOL students and past graduates of the school that wish to participate.

Prayer is a powerful magical practice

Steven Critchley has taught about the principles and dynamics of prayer for decades drawing on ancient Egyptian, Neoplatonic, Qabalistic, Esoteric Christian, Craft, Wiccan and Spiritualist teachings on the subject.

In our monthly House of the Net linking meditations, we will be initially be focusing on ancient Egyptian ways of entering into prayer as communicated through the pagan Neoplatonic philosophers, Plotinus (who taught in Alexandria), Iamblichus and Proclus.

Working with genuine ancient inner practices and disciplines we will be working with prayer using key symbols and God-forms in the light of evolved teachings from the Dion Fortune tradition of the Mystical Qabalah.

Current SOL students and long-time members of the school, that have graduated our courses in the past, are invited to get in touch with SOL admin if they would like to be included in our House of the Net meditations where we will be working with Theurgic Prayer guided on a monthly basis by the Director of Studies.

Send an email headed: House of the Net Subscribe to Past students who wish to be included please provide a short introduction including which course you studied with us and who your supervisor was, please.

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