Honouring A Special Teacher:

After 24 years of supervising SOL students, Heather Goodhand retires (at 80 years of age)

Heather Goodhand has been an exemplary SOL member, supervisor and Lodge Magus for many years, and in that time, she has helped around 75 students to study with the SOL, and many of Heather’s students have completed courses.

In the past five years, since I became Director of Studies in 2018, Heather has continued to work with students in the school, helping them to complete courses, and she has been a great support whilst we have been in a state of transition and revising our courses before we re-open to new students.

On behalf of the SOL, I would like to thank Heather for her hard work in the school and for being such a vital part of our community. I know that although Heather has retired from supervising she continues to work in the egregore of our school prayerfully and with wisdom.

Thank you Heather, and bright blessings to you in the next phase of your work,


Dr Steven Critchley

Director of Studies, SOL.

Words from The Magus of SOL Lodge of the White Dove (Founded by Heather Goodhand and Friends)

Occasionally, we have the good fortune to cross paths with a person who encourages us to learn and grow in ways we had not anticipated.  Upon joining the SOL School in 2001, Dolores wrote a very welcoming letter to me with the following key sentence: “…I have placed you with Heather Goodhand as your tutor, she is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

That sounded promising, but new spiritual beginnings are sometimes akin to knocking on an unknown door in the rain, a bit unsure if this is the right house and wondering if you got the directions right? In this case, there was no need for concern.  When Heather opened the tutorial door to my studies, it felt like being invited into a book-lined room smelling faintly of frankincense and being told to make myself at home by the fire. 

Of course, that didn’t mean one would not be held to task as needed.  In her first hand-written letter to me (we made good use of the Postal Service then!) she said: “… I hope that you enjoy working on the [Butler] course and that it will open up many avenues for you to explore.  …However, it is important to follow it correctly. You be surprised to find that a lot students think that they know better!”

So, no messing around then! Heather was true to her word and kept me on track with deep understanding, pointed questions, extra reading suggestions and patience.  Being a slow learner, it took me 9 years to complete the course, but in that time Heather also became a companion as well as a supervisor.  She encouraged me to attend SOL workshops, and introduced my wife, Eugenie, and I to Morag Cameron, Magus of the first Scottish Lodge, Lodge Bride and Caer Aengus its outer court.  In 2004, when Heather was asked by Dolores to found a second Scottish Lodge, she invited us and others to help bring Lodge of the White Dove into being.  Both Lodge Bride and Lodge of the White Dove are still meeting today. 

Prompted by her always curious mind, Heather has also written a number of books on the Tarot, Initiation, the Qabalah and related subjects.  As noted in the guest Foreword for The Tower of the Three Grails, A Journey of Initiation, “…She’s got an innate ability to see and draw out the latent talents in people by encouraging and challenging her students and others who come within her sphere, and these traits are reflected in her writings.”

As for being a volunteer SOL Supervisor since 1999, Heather has directly helped a great number of students  along the paths of the Butler course, the New Course and the Second Degree course.  It used to surprise me how often a new SOL acquaintance would say, “Heather was my supervisor.”

For this work over 24 years (in this lifetime), her companions, friends and the entire SOL community express a sincere and heartfelt Thank You to a remarkable woman, a way-shower to so many, a true daughter of the Opener of the Ways. 

With Love,  David Riggle.


Several of Heather’s books are still available for purchase through Datura Press.  These include In the Footsteps of the Fool, The 13th Knight, The Tower of the Tree Grails and Journey Through the Sacred Flame.

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