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Art of True Healing Practice Retreat, Northern VA

June 23, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

In his brief book, The Art of True Healing, Israel Regardie describes one version of an exercise he worked up from basic Golden Dawn materials.  SOL Lodge ha Oreget is pleased to host a one-day retreat in the Northern Virginia area on Saturday, June 23, 2018, offering an opportunity for systematic practice of the Middle Pillar technique as described in that book.  The retreat program is designed to make the practice accessible to those who have never engaged in it; however, experienced practitioners with an interest in intensive practice are also welcome.

The retreat lasts one day, and extends from morning to late afternoon, with a period for lunch provided in the retreat setting.  Because it is a retreat, rather than a workshop, most of the time will be spent in practice of the various aspects of the Middle Pillar technique, beginning from the foundational practices that are so often undervalued and passed through as quickly as possible to get to the “meat”, when they themselves are of the essence of the practice.  There will be some didactic material, in the form of historical context, and some essential theoretical points, but the main work of the retreat will consist of actual application of the methods.  Although there will be some standing, and walking, and even a bit of lying down, most of the work will be done sitting.  There will be breaks, but they will be relatively brief, to maintain the retreat focus; lunch will also occur in the retreat setting.  During breaks, there will some opportunity for individual consultation.  Toward the end of the day, there will be an opportunity (but not an obligation) to discuss the experiences of the retreatants, and to offer remarks on previous experience and work.  Almost no ritual work is involved.

Because of the physical demands of the Middle Pillar work (involving periods of sitting, with occasional standing and lying down), it may prove difficult for people who have physical conditions that would interfere with such activities (especially protracted sitting).  Accommodations will be made when and as possible, but the ability to remain still is a core feature of the practice.

Retreatants should dress in relatively loose (but not distracting) clothing that will allow for easy breathing and comfortable sitting and movement.  A yoga mat or something similar will be useful for those parts of the retreat that involve lying down:  since no actual calisthenics will be performed, the main purpose of the mat will be to have a slightly cushioned surface on which one will be able to lie without anxieties about what one might be lying on.  For spartan souls, something like a beach blanket will suffice.

As individuals, prospective retreatants should understand that attendance is purely voluntary, and that they are free to leave at any time if the proceedings are not to their liking.  It is a good idea, however, not to attempt the retreat if one has serious, long-standing mental, emotional or physical conditions that would make it difficult to engage fully in the retreat activities.  Some sympathy with Hermetic and Kabbalistic practices and ideas is recommended.  If in doubt, please first read up on the subject on the web to find out whether you are really interested.  Please do not attend under duress, merely because some friend or relation has twisted your arm.  On the other hand, if the prospect of attending has appeared unexpectedly, and you feel oddly drawn to it, and a bit of internet research doesn’t convince you that it would be uncongenial, you may find it worthwhile.

The retreat is conducted by Earl King Jr., one of the three authors of Learning Ritual Magic, and occasional contributor to the late, lamented journal Caduceus, who is well known for his saturnine approach, his severe countenance and rather grim mien, and blithe indifference to fashion (except to the extent of adopting the customary garb of the country in which he resides).

The retreat will be held from 9:30am to 5:30pm near Lorton, VA, with details available upon registration. Cost is $90 per person, including lunch. Contact sol.ha.oreget@gmail.com for more details or to book your place.


June 23, 2018
9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Lodge ha Oreget