Director of Studies Announcement

A Public Announcement from the Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light to all SOL students, members and friends of the school.

Dolores has now made a public announcement, at her workshop with the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel in Southern Delaware, USA, stating that on June 11th this year at 5:30pm Dr Steven Critchley will be succeeding her in the role of Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light school.

Dolores became Director of Studies on October 31st 1976 when her teacher and the founder of the SOL, W. E. Butler, retired from the post.

Dolores is not retiring from her personal work as a writer and teacher through workshops and her new Solar Light Video Club, so students will still have opportunity to work with her directly.

Although Dolores will be stepping down as Director of Studies she will continue to support the work of the SOL and consult with Steven as he grows into his new role as director of the school and head of the SOL.

All of the responsibilities and authority of the mantle of the directorship that have been in Dolores’ charge are being transferred to Steven on Dolores’ 89th birthday.

This means that Steven will be responsible for the direction of the teachings of the school and the work of the SOL as an esoteric order; the guardianship of the school will be his responsibility as will the authority to initiate candidates to all degrees of initiation that are worked in the school, including summoning to the third degree.

Steven will serve the SOL Lodges using the title Magister (Teacher) when working with them and be responsible for raising Lodges in the school to all three degrees. In the future he may also confirm and charter new Daughter Schools of the SOL which can in turn become fully independent schools in their own right, such as is already the case with the Fraternidad del Círculo Dorado in Mexico and The House of the Ibis in Trinidad.

Steven has over 30 years of experience working in various spiritual paths, esoteric systems and disciplines with several teachers. He is an initiate with practical experience in Pagan, esoteric Christian, Hermetic and Qabalistic contexts of working with the Mysteries. He has been trained by Dolores for several years and travelled extensively with her teaching beside her and learning to work with the inner plane Contact of the SOL as the head of the school.

The business side of the school is now also in Steven’s direct care and the copyrights to all school teaching materials, correspondence courses and school insignia are already under his management as director.

Dolores wrote to the Supervisors and Lodge Magi, recently, ahead of this public announcement, concerning Steven becoming Director of Studies:

“In 1964 Michael and I began training with the Inner Light, though having been born into an occult minded family I already had a fair grounding of knowledge. So, all in all I have served The Light for a total of fifty-four Years. It never crossed my mind that over half a century of work lay before me, or that the same work would take me to over twenty countries and several thousand students would pass through my hands in one way or another. It has been a journey of pure wonder, hard work, joy, and some really hard times. There have been cross-roads to choose from, and at times there has been a need to retrace steps and change direction. But all things are finite, and my own journey must now take a different direction.

Early in that journey I was placed into the care of a Being from a Higher Level who has remained with me, walked with me, taught me, corrected me when it was needed. That Being remains with me and will be there when my own journey comes to an end.

Over the years I tried to find someone to whom I could pass the Baton. I failed each time, because of a fault in me. I thought, in my pride, that it was my choice, it was not. It was the choice of a Higher Hierarchy. Ernest had been told someone would offer themselves and would give him a name. I should have realised history would repeat itself. Finally, it did. It was a shock to both of us. In that moment I understood why Ernest dropped and broke his pipe (at the moment he became aware that I was his successor) and how he felt when someone he’d only known for a few months gave him the name of his Inner Plane Teacher and told him they would take on his life’s work.

I have done my best to train, inform, teach, and guide my successor but now it is time to step aside and let someone else take the reins. At least he has known it was coming for several years…. Ernest told everyone else before he told me!

The Being who has for the past 50 years shared my life, my ‘beingness’, my heart, mind and spirit is still with me as He promised, but He will now also walk beside the person who will take the SOL into the 21st century.

Ernest was a Violet Ray and founded the SOL on its power of LOVE. I am Green Ray and it was my task to spread the teaching far and wide using the power of EVANGELISM to inform and bring people together. My successor is Blue Ray and will use the power of ORGANISATION and BALANCE to consolidate what Ernest began.”

We are grateful for the support and prayers of the students of the school, the Supervisors, Lodge Magi and friends of the SOL at this time of transition where the work begun by Ernest and expanded by Dolores will now be carried forward by Steven.

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