Second Degree


When the student has finished the First Degree Course and other requirements have been fulfilled, and assuming it is desired, the student becomes eligible to enter the Second Degree, the Fraternity of the SOL.

The work in the Second Degree is intended to act as a key to what are termed the Greater Mysteries. It builds on the strong foundations built by the First Degree Course bringing the work to a higher level. One of the important aspects of the work in this Degree is forging bridges between the Higher or Evolutionary Self, and the Power Self – that vast powerhouse we know as the Unconscious.

To this end the SOL offers a Second Degree Correspondence Course. It builds on the work and training done in the Lesser Mysteries; thus applicants must have completed or be near completing their basic SOL training as given in the First Degree.

atlanteancord-smThe mysteries of the Atlantean Sacred Cord were passed on to the current Director of the SOL, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, by her teacher, the late W E Butler. Some of this material has been published in her book The Sacred Cord Meditations, which is used as a text-book. However, the Second Degree Correspondence Course expands on the material contained in the text-book to go far beyond what could be published openly. The whole of the ancient wisdom embodied in the Atlantean Sacred Cord is used in this 44-week course; therefore, it requires a trained and stabilized mind, and furthermore a mind used to Inner work.

As the lessons proceed, they get more involved with the inner layers of the Mysteries. Therefore, once this Course is started, it must be properly finished: the processes that have been set in motion will automatically work toward their final point of resolution, and this requires your active cooperation. Therefore, if you start on this course, you must be prepared to complete it in the prescribed 44 weeks. It is rather like a course of medicine – one should always finish the prescription right up. Not a long course, compared to the First Degree Correspondence Course, it will tax you in mind, body and spirit in many ways; but it will also give you an insight into the higher degrees that will act as a Key to the Greater Mysteries.

The material in the lessons has been copyrighted and registered with the British Library. If you apply for the Second Degree Correspondence Course, you must undertake not to show these papers, to communicate or discuss in any form whatsoever the material contained within to a person or persons outside the SOL, or, if in the SOL, who is not of the level to take it for themselves. We are well aware that knowledge should be made available, but one of the ancient rules was that certain teachings must be given only to those who are capable of understanding it and using it in the right way.

Students will need the course text, The Sacred Cord, by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. The first Lesson will give you instructions on how to make the Atlantean Sacred Cord itself. The lessons are weekly (not monthly as with the First Degree Course) and are ordered and sent two at a time so students will always have one at hand. Every two or three lessons there is a Training Paper to augment the material further. There may also be a purely practical paper every five weeks. The actual course of 35 weeks has several rest and assimilation weeks built into it which makes it 44 weeks in all. Couples may work from one set of lessons, as per the First Degree Course.

Graduates of the SOL Main Course who wish to work with the Sacred Cord Meditations by following the Second Degree Course should email SOL Admin in the first instance. He will be happy to supply further information and application forms, which can then be forwarded to the Director of Studies who will consider your application.

Second Degree lessons are supplied via email in PDF format.

All Second Degree lessons are paid for via PayPal and cost £10 (Pounds Sterling) each and there are 35 lessons in all which are usually purchased four at a time so that students always have lessons in hand.

The course takes 44 weeks to complete as there are several breaks between the seven paths of the Cord.