Ritual Magic Workshops

All official SOL Ritual Magic Workshops are advertised on this website under Upcoming Events on the front page and also on our official SOL Facebook page. If a workshop is not advertised on our website or official SOL Facebook page then it is not endorsed by SOL and will not be recognised as an accredited part of SOL student training. If you are in any doubt you can also check with SOL admin if a workshop is endorsed by the Director of Studies by emailing us. The SOL RMW 1-3 are only taught by experienced Lodge Magi and Supervisors of the SOL who have been authorised by the Director of Studies to teach them.

Ritual and ceremony have played an important part in the spiritual quest of humanity ever since the mythical days of Atlantis. Atlantis was used as a symbol of source traditions and impulses by occultists of previous generations. Whether it was an actual physical continent or not, it was used in practical magic as a ‘contact’ in meditation and sometimes in ritual which in our tradition is externalised or embodied meditation that can be a communal or solitary experience. The esoteric orders use magical ritual as a tool for spiritual and clairvoyant development, for seeking wisdom from the Inner-Level Teachers, and to help and heal. Ritual can be many different things and can take many forms, but whether a simple spell, a solemn High Mass, a Wiccan circle working, or the elaborate temple work of the initiated and contacted magician, the same fundamental laws apply to all forms of ritual.

This three-part workshop series is open to anyone who is interested in learning about this ancient Art. It consists of three week-end workshops. The same group of people goes through the entire series as a unit. The three week-ends, spaced about six months apart, build on each other, each workshop taking the work of the previous one to a higher level. For this reason, they must be taken in sequence. Each week-end contains many practical exercises, and there is always a larger ritual where the participants are able to make use of what they have learnt.

Below is an overview of each part of the series, together with a list of locations where they are given. If nothing else is stated, they are non-residential. To keep the costs of non-residential workshops down, meals are usually not provided, but there are usually some light refreshments available (such as tea, coffee, biscuits, etc), and venues are always close to restaurants and hotels. Residential workshops have meals and accommodation included.

You will need note-taking materials and a simple robe for the ritual.

Ritual Magic 1, First Steps in Ritual, approaches the woven paces and waving hands of ritual magic from the perspective of Malkuth. Topics include:

  • Preparation
  • Intonations
  • The Officers
  • Levels of Power
  • The Inner Temple
  • The Magical Ring
  • The Body of Light
  • The Four Elements
  • The Magical Temple
  • Music in the Temple
  • Priest and Priestess
  • Openings and Closings
  • The Magical Implements
  • The Magical Personality
  • Group Minds and Group Souls
  • The Three Aspects of Ritual
  • The Assumption of God-Forms
  • Cleansings and Consecrations
  • The Quarters and their Symbolism
  • Links between different Traditions
  • The Meaning of Magic in the Modern World
  • The Tree of Life and the Qabalistic Cross
  • Raising Power through Movement and Temple Dance

The group ritual for this workshop is The Ascending Silences.

Ritual Magic 2, Magical Horizons, explores the power and transformation of magic in the realm of Yesod. Topics include:

  • Masks
  • Ritual Drama
  • Mime and Mudra
  • The Three Levels
  • Symbols in the Aura
  • The Personal Symbol
  • Dreams and Fantasies
  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Robes and Headdresses
  • The Importance of Myth
  • The Quest of Inner Power
  • Choral Speaking in Ritual
  • Groups, Schools, Lodges, Orders
  • Opening the Higher Levels of Power
  • Higher Method of Assuming God-Forms
  • The Place of the Old Religion in Magic
  • The Hierarchy within the Occult Schools
  • Opening the Chakras with Music and Chanting
  • Charging the Altar and the Magical Implements

The group ritual for this workshop is The Judgment of Osiris.

In order to attend, you must previously have completed Ritual Magic 1.

Ritual Magic 3, Beyond the Pillars of Wisdom, delves into the theurgic magic of the realm of Tiphareth. Topics include:

  • The Ego
  • Temple Sleep
  • Angelic Magic
  • Seasonal Rites
  • Outdoor Rituals
  • The Magical Will
  • Triangles in Magic
  • Choosing a Tradition
  • Sexual Energy in Magic
  • The Seals of Intonation
  • Walking in the Two Worlds
  • The Atlantean Invocations
  • Starting a Group or Lodge
  • Seeking a Personal Contact
  • Opening on the Four Levels
  • Consecration and Initiation
  • Male Mysteries, Female Mysteries
  • The Higher Levels of Path-Working
  • Balancing the Power within a Group
  • Personal Symbols and their Importance
  • The Advanced Way of Assuming God-Forms
  • Using the Anima/Animus as a Magical Partner
  • Marriage and Funeral Rites within a Magical Lodge

The group ritual for this workshop is The Mass of the Archangels.

In order to attend, you must previously have completed Ritual Magic 1 and 2.

Scheduled Workshops

The current schedule of SOL Ritual Magic Workshops is available here.

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops (and, in the case of RM 2 and RM 3, if you have attended the previous workshops in the series), contact the sponsoring lodge to register.

Ideally participants will go through the full series as a group, but exceptions may be considered by the presenting Magus.