The New First Degree Course

The New Course uses quantum physics and a more modern approach to cover teachings on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  It is far more demanding than the Butler course and requires dedication, time, effort and a basic knowledge of the occult.

Students should only consider this course if they can dedicate at least fourteen hours per week, every week, to study, contemplation, and practical exercises.


The New Foundation Course:

In the Foundation Course it is the aim of the SOL to open up access to the Four Worlds of the Tree of Life under full conscious control. There are many ways of doing this, but using the Tree of Life is by far the safest and most stable way. Without the stability of careful, measured and controlled, training, the higher work of the Great Mysteries cannot be successful, and indeed could even be dangerous.

There are thirteen lessons to the New Foundation Course.  Each lesson requires 28 meditation/contemplation sessions plus four weekly practical exercises.   These are recorded in the student’s diary and turned into the student’s Supervisor who will then comment and either pass the student onto the next lesson or ask the student to repeat areas that may need more work.   It is a fast paced course that covers a lot of material.  Some students may wish to add a couple extra sessions to be sure they completely understand the material, especially for the last five lessons.

Topics covered in the first eight lessons include:

  • Meditation and contemplation
  • Visualization
  • Pathworking as a magical tool and training method
  • Myth and folklore in magical training
  • Group Minds and Group Souls
  • The Esoteric Paths
  • Preparation for Magical and Spiritual Training
  • The Chakras and Magical Centers of the brain

The next five lessons focus on the Qabalistic Tree of Life covering both the Sephiroth and the Tarot Paths.  Students are well advised to keep a notebook of their work as this material will be used for the remainder of the course.

At the end of the Foundation Course, there is a comprehensive open-book exam that will be reviewed by your Supervisor before it goes to our Director of Studies, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, and ARC Council Members.  The exam must be passed before going onto the first phase of the New Main Course, the Pilgrim Phase.


New Main Course:

The aim of the Main Course is to produce an association of well trained men and women who, once they have completed the course, are capable of making progress and acting on their own initiative in the performance of practical magic.

Those who know a little of this kind of work know there is always an inner and higher aspect of a genuine mystery school. It works from a level that transcends the physical and filters down through a natural Heirarchy. There are initiations we can undergo by virtue of our own merit and hard work that are quite irrespective of any ceremonial you may go through in lodge.

Since its inception the SOL has progressed to a point where it has begun to work along deeper lines and this means that new insights and new opportunities are becoming increasingly available to students.  This happens to all truly contacted schools and groups and by contacted we mean those schools that are in close psychic touch with the overshadowing Adepti on the inner planes.  It is there that the real power resides; and from there it is mediated in various ways to its counterpart on the physical level.  The  SOL is so contacted and its inner powers are slowly becoming available to those who come within its sphere of influence.


New Main Course:  Pilgrim Phase:

These twelve lessons focus on the lower Sephiroth and Tarot Paths from Malkuth to Hod.  Working in Yetsirah, the world of images, students will do more than learn about the Paths.  As Pilgrims, they experience the Paths on a real and intimate level.

As with the other SOL courses, there is daily work.  Whether pathworking or contemplating, students will complete 30 daily sessions, fifteen contemplations and fifteen Visionary Journeys, to be written up in diary form and submitted to their Supervisor for comment.

When you add a treasure trove of exercises, practical work (including personal rituals), research, and recommended readings, this course can be likened to a university graduate degree and is quite demanding indeed.

Upon completion of the Pilgrim phase, there is another comprehensive exam that must be passed before continuing onto the next phase, The Seeker.


New Main Course:  Seeker Phase: 

For these twelve lessons the student, the Seeker, works up through Tiphareth on the Briatic or Mental level.

Upon completion of the Seeker phase, there is another comprehensive exam that must be passed before continuing onto the next phase, The Priesthood.


New Main Course:  Priesthood Phase:

This final phase of the course will take the student up through the final five Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.   Still being written, this course promises to be equally challenging for the student.