Like the Mystery Schools of ancient times, the SOL is a three-level structure. We offer an on-going training by means of this fully integrated and graded structure which allows progress to be made safely and continuously. In this way we are rebuilding the ancient idea of a Training and Teaching School of the Mysteries, within the context of a modern world.

beeThe First Degree correspondence courses are the foundation of all studies and work within Servants of the Light. The SOL offers two very different First Degree courses, an older one written primarily by Ernest Butler and a newer course written by our Director of Studies, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.   The symbol of the First Degree is the Bee, symbol of selfless service to the whole.

wheat2The Second Degree is the Inner Court of the Servants of the Light. It is open to those who have completed the First Degree course and want to use what they have learnt in order to go even deeper. The Second Degree course is based on a very ancient form of high-level Inner Plane work. The symbol of the Second Degree is the Wheat-sheaf, symbol of harvest on all levels.

amethyst1The Third Degree is also called The House of the Amethyst. It is the Adytum of the Servants of the Light. Membership is by invitation only.


magicianIn addition to the Degree correspondence courses, the SOL offers a series of three Ritual Magic Workshops, focused small-group training experiences in ritual magic. Each workshop is conducted in-person over the course of a weekend by the Director of Studies and by senior initiates and Lodge Magi of the Servants of the Light at various times and places in the UK and United States. Interested non-SOL students are welcome to participate in this series.


If you attend SOL group work, you are likely to see a variety of colours of robe and cord. Much is sometimes made of degrees, pomp, and circumstance in occult work but with very few exceptions, titles, insignia and the colour of robes and cords have no value in themselves. They carry meaning only within group work, and even then their value is to a great extent symbolic. Therefore, if you not intend to do any group work but wish to remain private, you can disregard the following table.

Degree Circumstance Title Robe Cord
non-SOL member Affiliate Black Green
or White
1 up to completion of the new Foundation Course or of Lesson 12 of the original W.E. Butler Course Novice Black White
1 up to completion of the Main Course Priesthood section or of Lesson 50 of the original W.E. Butler Course Frater / Soror Black Gold
1 after 1st Degree Initiation Initiate Black Scarlet
2 2nd Degree member Initiate Black Scarlet
2 after 2nd Degree initiation Initiate Deep Blue Silver
3 3rd Degree Initiate;
when working with non-3rd Degree members
Councillor Deep Blue Amethyst
3 3rd Degree
when working with 3rd Degree members only
Councillor Amethyst Amethyst