Book Recommendation: Merlin’s Daughter

Dear Friends and Family of the SOL.  My Mother has asked me to write a few words about my book which went ” live ” on Amazon yesterday, and is ready to download from today, Monday 11th May 2015.
For those of you who have always enjoyed the myths and legends of King Arthur, Merlin the Mage, Morgan la Fay and the search for The Holy Grail, then this might just intrigue you.  On the one hand, it is a story about a ten year old girl, Nimue, whose village is ransacked by the Saxon invaders, her mother taken captive and her whole life changed in a moment, when she learns that her father is none other than Merlin, the great Magician of the Age.  She begins her journey when her mother gives her a strange and mysterious ring and tells her to run into the forest to find her “kin,” who are none other than the Faery Folk themselves. The Book follows her mystical journey first to find her Father, then onto Glastonbury, The mystical Tor,  the great castle of Tintagel in Cornwall, the decaying and corrupt Roman town of Aquae Sulis, eventually leading her to a lonely cross road near Avebury, where she learns an extraordinary truth, and must make a terrifying decision which will change the course of her life forever!
Well, that is on the one hand … and the blurb I have put out for the general public.  For you … well there is another side to this tale. This is a story about an initiate’s journey, and the ultimate search for the Truth of our existence, who we are and our place in the great unfolding of a Universal plan.  The Old legends hold a key for us, a secret which we need to decipher in order to understand what the future holds for Mankind. It explores the nature of time itself and questions the very reality of our beliefs.  I believe the Old Ones are still talking to us through the myths and legends of our collective past. If you are intrigued, then walk beside Nimue as she takes the initiatory path to becoming one of the greatest female magicians of our Age, the Lady of The Lake. Let her whisper to you the secrets I have hidden within the pages, that only those on the same path may be allowed to hear.
This is the first part in a trilogy, which will span over a thousand years of our history. I sincerely hope that those of you who do go on to download it, will enjoy my story as it unfolds. I do want to thank Mum and Dad for their belief in me and encouraging me to write my truth.  I also would like to thank my Brother, Carl, for all the help with the artwork, the graphics and the advice on the horror which is the formatting process! Big thank you to John Matthews for his help, encouragement and advice on the mythology. Thanks to my darling Husband, Rich, who has nearly eaten his own head with preparing the book for publishing … what a star! And finally, the book is dedicated to the memory of my dearest friend, Peter Larkworthy who walked over the Bridge of Stars in 2010.
” In this or another life, my dear friend”
Blessed Be to all
Tammy Ashcroft – Nowicki
PRICED £6.99 or  $6.99
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