Announcing Tarot of Eternal Being Tarot Deck by Ann Stoker (SOL) and Tarot and the Cube of Space by Oderic (SOL)

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new tarot deck and book produced by two long-standing members of the SOL that also volunteer as supervisors in the SOL school.

The Cube of Space by Oderic (SOL)

 Tarot of Eternal Being – Tarot deck by Ann Stoker (SOL)

10 years in the making, an entirely new Tarot deck and interpretation, considered by reference to the Cube of Space, as revealed in the Book of Formation, Sepher Yetzirah (committed to writing c. 3rd/4th century CE). In the several thousands of years that the esoteric principles of the Tarot Keys have been in formation, it is only in the last 100 years that the fully-fledged revelation of the Cube of Space has been made manifest. 

At last, the Tarot of Eternal Being and the Cube of Space offer access into the truly magical consciousness. While the glyph of the Tree of Life sets down the innumerable correspondences of Hermetic Qabalah, it is the Cube of Space that gives them order, definition, context and cohesion.

Tarot of Eternal Being deck £50. Tarot and the Cube of Space book £50. Discount of 20% when purchased together £80. 


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