Lodge Tehuti



Lodge Tehuti is a full member Lodge of the Servants of the Light School of Occult Science, having been raised by the Domina Templi in 2002.

The patron of the Lodge, Tehuti or Thoth as he is rendered in Greek gives an indication of the aims and ideals of the Lodge.

To gain greater understanding of the Lord of magic one must turn to the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. Accordingly life emerges from the primeval swamp. The complimentary opposites thus begin the process of creation. Nun, the active principle complements the activity of his consort Naunet.

Soon to follow are Huh and Hauhet symbolized as frogs, they both give rise to the alternating principles of expansion and contraction, which brings the cosmic life principle closer into manifestation.

The cosmic serpents Kuk and Kauket symbolic of the levels of conscious and unconscious existence are next and finally Tehuti and Maat.

Tehuti is the cosmic factor of Medu Neter who speaks the divine Words and causes the vibrations of life to be regulated. His consort Maat is that principle which establishes order in the Universe.

Tehuti, the Neter of cosmic Resonance is the cosmic scribe par excellence. He is depicted holding a reed pen and palette. He thus records all occurrences in the Universe. In this regard he is Lord of the Akashic records.

Tehuti is that divine energy which gives rise to true speech and the use of divine words which brings all that is, into manifestation. The Neter is the embodiment of divine Wisdom, He is the intelligence of the Heart which when balanced gives rise to right action.

In the Heliopolitan theology, there is an episode of struggle which takes place between Heru and Set. It does not end in either struggler destroying the other. Rather Heru pursues a path of Reason and seeks counsel with the wisdom of Tehuti. Set in this regard is the lower self which refuses to heed the “words of wisdom”, eventually though he is sublimated through his own humiliation and ignorance. The message here is clear, that only when the aspirant aligns with all divine forces can the lower self-cease to struggle.

He is also the Cosmic Magician who assists Auset in bringing divine magic to bear on Ausar that allowed the latter to father his son Heru. Indeed this aspect of Tehuti as Magician is further represented in the legendary books of Thoth which are supposed to contain all the arcane knowledge and magic of Egypt.

Again, in the Osirian mythos Tehuti is closely associated with the Moon’s orbit; in this regard he is a moon God with all the mysteries connected with this luminary. According to the ancient texts Tehuti is also called the Heart and Tongue of Ra. The latter points to the higher level of function of the Neter. As the heart and tongue of Ra. Tehuti is identified with the Will of Ra and executes this will through the vibration of Sound.

Aims and Ideals of Lodge Tehuti

Lodge Tehuti is dedicated to the expansion of the inner light through the avenues of teaching and healing.

Our Lodge is dedicated to being a conduit for the principles of the patron. It is the aim and intention of the Lodge to foster a greater understanding of Self-Knowledge and spiritual development of its members through the use of rituals, meditations and spiritual exercises.

The Lodge’s teachings can be symbolized by a mystical circle which combines the teachings of Western Magic with the indigenous teachings of the Spiritual Baptist tradition of the Caribbean, this tradition comprises Christian and African magical elements into a seamless whole. In addition our Lodge is aimed at an authentic return to the teachings and practices of Ancient Egypt through research and study of the ancient texts of the Egyptian canon.

Since its inception Lodge Tehuti has conducted a series of workshops which provide the forum for dispensation of teachings geared towards helping the aspirant along the Path of Return.

There are other aspects to the Lodge’s work which remain withdrawn.

Structure of Lodge Tehuti

Lodge Tehuti is comprised of an inner court of full members. These are members who have been formally inducted and have begun pursuing a structured programme of work. The SOL’s first-degree course is used as the foundation of the teaching. As the aspirant progresses other elements reminiscent of the Spiritual Baptist and Egyptian traditions are gradually introduced.

The Outer Court is composed of individuals who have been accepted as candidates but have not been formally inducted into the Lodge. A member usually remains for one year in the outer court before induction. Outer Court membership does not guarantee induction .The preliminary course of the First degree is used as the foundation teaching for outer court members.

Additionally the Lodge has set up an associate membership group. This comprises those who either through circumstances or conscious decision does not wish to join a magical Lodge. These are individuals who may be pursuing other spiritual paths but who are still supportive of the work of our Lodge and wish to maintain an informal relationship with our work.

At present Lodge Tehuti is attempting to spread its influence throughout the Caribbean. It is our intention to extend the Divine Light by setting up active meditation groups initially in the islands of Grenada and Barbados. Through the establishment of these groups and the continuation of teachings and training of those who come to the doors of our Lodge it is hoped that the mandate of the Great Lord of magic will be fulfilled. 

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