Lodge Bride

Lodge Bride is a very active lodge, which meets in the beautiful Scottish Borders on or near the 8 Celtic “spokes of the year”. We work under the patronage of Bride (the Scottish name for Brighid) the saint and ancient goddess who bridges the gulf between the Pagan and Celtic Christian traditions.

Those of us who work in Lodge Bride name ourselves “Flame Keepers” and cultivate an awareness of ourselves as holding in trust as individuals an ancient commitment to serve, by opening the  heart fire and shining its light out to wherever it is needed.

In Kildare in Ireland, from very early Christan times, and most likely beginning from a much earlier pagan tradition, holy women in Brighid’s foundation kept a sacred flame alive for nearly a thousand years. We in Lodge Bride use this beautiful concept as a blueprint for our work.

In Lodge Bride we have men as well as women who “tend the sacred flame” and our members live in both Scotland and Northern  England. If you feel drawn to working with us, you must be either a student with SOL who has reached at least Lesson 10, or have worked for some time with our Outer Court, “Caer Aengus” which meets 4 times a year.

For more details contact Lodge Magus: Morag