SOL Lodges and Groups

Feel free to contact SOL admin if you are an SOL student and interested in working with any of our Lodges, and we can put you in touch with groups working in these areas.

(No SOL Lodges are currently meeting physically during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Several are meeting online)

This list gives geographic locations of officially “raised” SOL Lodges that have been opened in a ceremony with the Director of Studies and the Lodge Officers and members.

Some affiliate groups, that are independent of the SOL, work with us too. We also enjoy working relationships with other schools and esoteric orders that began as SOL Lodges and progressed to being fully independent mystery schools in their own right.

SOL also enjoys positive relationships with several esoteric groups and mystery schools not listed in these pages.

United Kingdom

Galashiels, Scotland
Peak District, England
London, England
Edinburgh, Scotland

United States of America

Northern Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA
Seattle, WA


Vancouver, British Columbia