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What is the SOL?
The Servants of the Light School of Occult Science is a modern Western Mystery School which teaches through correspondence. Our method of teaching utilises the language and symbolism of the Mystical Qabalah and we also teach ritual and ceremonial magic. As well as being a teaching school, that is now 50 years old, we have an international network of Lodges and Groups that work practically employing ritual techniques and patterns. The Western Esoteric Tradition, in which we work, is a conglomerate of ancient and modern, or revivalist, traditions. Thus in the Western Esoteric Tradition there are streams of influence arising from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the cultures that influenced their teachings such as the Chaldean (Babylonian), Assyrian etc…  and there are also influences from the Pagan, Hebraic and Christian mystical teachings. Ancient Druidic, Celtic, Norse and Saxon influences can also be discerned.
Is the SOL some kind of sect or a church?
Absolutely not. We are a school. We teach through correspondence, and the school is organised as a loose structure precisely in order to avoid any sectarianism and to encourage independence and free thinking. We do not interfere in our members’ private lives or belief systems.
What are your aims?
The aim of Servants of the Light is to help in spreading the esoteric knowledge in an ethical way to all who want to receive it, regardless of religion, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation, age, social status or financial situation.
What do you mean by 'magic' and 'esoteric sciences'?
Dion Fortune defined magic as “the art of changing consciousness at will”. Magic has been described as the Yoga of the West; Yoga simply means “union”. It has the same ultimate goal as the Eastern systems: that of service to, and ultimately union with, the Divine. Its methods are especially suited to Western students. The esoteric sciences are the tools that allow us to pursue this path of spiritual development. Some of these tools are meditation, contemplation and ritual. The meditative, contemplative and ritual techniques we teach are ‘scientific’ in that they follow a specific methodology that produces specific results. In our work it is consciousness and how consciousness shapes personal understanding of the self and how we experience living practically in the world in the light of the knowledge we receive that concerns us.  
Is there a school building somewhere?
No. We are a correspondence school. All work can be undertaken in the student’s own home.
Isn't occultism black magic?
Magic and sorcery are not the same thing. The technology of magic is neutral. It is the intention of the operator which determines whether the magic is black or white. For this reason, occult schools have carefully screened their candidates throughout the ages. This school, as our name Servants of the Light implies, is concerned only with serving the forces of the Light. The aim of occult training is, ultimately, to enable the student to become a conscious collaborator with these high spiritual forces.
Are you affiliated with any other organisations?
SOL is not dependent on any other organisation. We do not involve ourselves, as an organisation, in any religious or political issues, so we do not promote one religion or philosophy above another, though our members are free to be members of whatever political or religious organisations they choose to be part of.
What is your attitude to organised religion?
There are many paths to the Light, and we respect them all. One of the first things an occultist has to learn is tolerance and understanding of other religions. We do not force any particular religious viewpoint on our students and there is no pressure to conform in any way. We consider ourselves fortunate to count Alchemists, Buddhists, Christians (including priests and nuns), Druids, Hermeticists, Hindus, Isis worshippers and other Neopagans, Shamans, Wiccans and other witches, and many others among our students.
How many members do you have?
Since 1964, first as the Helios Course and then from the early 1970’s as The Servants of the Light School, the SOL has taught over 6000 people in many different countries. Many of those who have trained with us in the past are still members of the school who work voluntarily as Supervisors. We also have a number of Lodges that are lead by Magi who began their work in the SOL as correspondence course students. Of course, we train many people who move on into different paths or fields of esoteric work and we are glad to have helped many along the way of their personal quests.
Are the courses available in any other languages?
Our Courses are written in English and we primarily we teach in the English language. Some of our supervisors can work in other languages with students but the courses are in English.
Why the Qabalah?
The Qabalah (this spelling usually designates the Hermetic Mystical interpretations of the earlier Hebraic systems), or Kabbalah (often used to designate the original Hebraic schools) as it is sometimes spelled, has been the foundation-stone of the Western Mystery tradition for several hundred years. It is a flexible system of relationships which allows us to comprehend abstract realities that otherwise would be beyond our reach. It is a powerful symbolic language and a system of cosmology, theology and psychology. The Tree of Life, its central symbol, has rightly been called “The mighty, all-encompassing glyph of the Universe and the Soul of Man”. The student will find, once the principles of the Qabalah have been understood, that all other systems, equally valid in their own right, can be explained in Qabalistic terms.
Do I have to believe in God?
Not necessarily, but a belief in some kind of a higher force or guiding power can be of great help. Atheists rarely feel the urge to do this kind of work, but we do have a number of agnostics in the school.
How much does membership cost?
There are no membership fees. The correspondence courses are funded by lesson fees, which are kept as low as possible. The First Degree Course lessons are currently £9.95 (approx US$18). There are fifty lessons to the First Degree Course. You pay for the lessons one at a time, as you go along. You will need to get two text books, which are available from any well-stocked bookshop. This is all you will ever need to pay.
Do I have to meditate for hours on end?
No. However, daily meditation and other reading and practical activities are involved too so you will need to spend at least 10 hours a week (and possibly up to 14 hours per week) studying and doing practical exercises outlined in the lessons.The time commitment to accomplish SOL studies would be the same as if you were doing a course in a college or university, part-time.
Do I have to travel anywhere to follow your courses?
No. They are correspondence courses and are designed to be done in your own home. In fact, there is nowhere to travel to, since there is no physical school building! However, attendance of Ritual Magic Workshops is a required component of our training but some students simply cannot travel to workshops so they can complete our courses without attending them. However, if Ritual Magic Workshops are not attended then Lodge Work or practical group work may not be appropriate. All Lodges are administrated by Magi who make local membership decisions and often offer their own Lodge training too.
Are your correspondence courses compatible with normal modern life?
Yes. For the Butler Course, you need to reserve  30-45 minutes each day to meditate and to read the lesson material along with the  relevant section of the text book.  The New Course, however, requires an extra 10 hours per week of study time.
Am I required to perform any rituals?
No. We do offer workshops in ritual magic. Contrary to what the popular press might say, ritual in its true form is not weird at all – it is simply a form of externalised meditation. Like meditation, it needs to be practiced with insight and care.
Do I get a personal tutor?
Yes. Each SOL student is assigned to a Supervisor who monitors the work of the student. As a student, you are required to keep a detailed meditation record of your daily exercises. You send this meditation diary to the Supervisor at the end of each lesson. The Supervisor will assess the meditation record and write back to you with any pertinent comments. Furthermore, you can write to your Supervisor at any time if you have questions or problems with the course. Supervisors and Students are carefully matched by the Director of Studies.
Am I free to leave the school whenever I wish?
Yes. You can leave the SOL at any point in your studies and for any reason, freely and without prejudice. You do not have to state your reasons for leaving. We will not try to stop you from leaving us, neither will we hang on to you in any way, since we recognize that each individual has his or her own path to follow. Should you find that our particular school is not what you are looking for, we will be happy to recommend other schools if you so wish.

However, if you wish to return after having left, certain rules will apply. If you were a beginner in your studies, you will be required to start at the beginning again. If you were further advanced in course work it will be up to the recommendation of your former supervisor as to the point of re-commencement. If students receive initiation, to the First or Second Degree, in the School and become actively involved in our work they may also resign at any point and re-join us at a future point if that is how their path unfolds. If a Councillor from the Third Degree resigns – it is final. Sometimes life dictates that a leave of absence is necessary and we are a flexible school who try to work in the Mysteries with discipline within structure but also with flexibility and compassion.

How long will it take me to complete the First Degree course?
The new recommended course track comprises the Foundation Course and three Main Course modules. Each of these segments entails twelve or thirteen lessons and an exam, each of which is intended to be completed over the course of one month. The original W.E. Butler course comprises a six-month preliminary course and fifty main-course lessons of one month each.

This means that if you work every day without taking any time off, either course will take you just over four years to complete. However, given things like holidays and vacations, the odd flu or cold, pregnancy etc, a more realistic time-frame is five years.

What? Four or five years?
Yes. It is a thorough course, and it will give results. Regard it as the equivalent of university studies.
Will it make me psychic?
It depends on what you mean by the word. All people have psychic or clairvoyant gifts, but some have them closer to the surface. Studies within a contacted Mystery school such as Servants of the Light will strengthen the links between the various levels of your being, and this in itself tends to bring these hidden faculties closer to the surface. The results vary greatly with each person. We do not guarantee that our students develop into fully-fledged psychics or clairvoyants. However, many do develop an increased awareness of the hidden levels of existence. Others may find it takes longer, and in some the psychic abilities are too deeply buried in the psyche.
I'm already psychic, how will it affect me?
This, too, varies with the individual. Some find that the psychic faculties seem to disappear for a time, which can be disconcerting. However, those who persevere with the training will find that the psychic faculties return in a more reliable and controlled form. Some, on the other hand, do not go through a “dry phase”, but instead experience a steady deepening of their psychic abilities. Yet others find it makes no difference at all.
What is the SOL's attitude toward drugs?
Drugs and magic do not mix, no matter what the experimentalists say! We regard the taking of illegal drugs or any other psychotropic or chemical substance for ‘recreation’ as dangerous in the extreme, and combined with occult training, this is even more applicable.

We will not consider the application of anyone actively taking such drugs, though this does not apply to those taking drugs prescribed by proper medical authorities. Misuse of alcohol or any other substance that leads to physical imbalance or potential illness must also be reviewed when embarking on esoteric training as you will need to be in the best shape possible with lots of energy and stamina. The physical body earths as well as processes spiritual, mental and emotional stresses and tensions along with any physical substances that we take into our bodies. Therefore, taking care of health and general wellbeing is vital in esoteric work.

What if I suffer from depression or a diagnosed mental illness?
Esoteric training sometimes causes pressures mentally and emotionally that can become overwhelming if people cannot stay calm and react to pressure in a balanced and healthy way. Therefore we do not accept students who are medically diagnosed as being clinically depressed or who are receiving treatment from a psychiatrist or psychotherapist for clinically diagnosed mental illnesses.

We recognise that everyone struggles at times and many of us have periods of depression or suffer from stress and anxiety that often resolve in time as we change and adapt. However, no one should begin esoteric training that is currently depressed or going through a tough time with stress or anxiety management etc…

We ask that applicants are honest when applying to the School about these matters. We will consider taking students who have fully recovered from depression or other mental illnesses and who are no longer medicated. The mind affects the body and the body can influence the mind: we recommend that students pay attention to diet, partaking in physical exercise and adopting a generally healthy lifestyle that helps to enhance well-being and cope with stress.

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