Dr Steven Critchley

Director of Servants of the Light Ltd and Assistant Director of Studies

Steven is responsible for the business administration of the school and he generally manages all areas of the SOL. He has been appointed as the future head of the school as Dolores’ successor to the role of Director of Studies. Like everyone else in the SOL he works on a voluntary basis.

He has over 25 years practical experience of working in the Western Mystery Tradition.


Steven joined the Servants of the Light School as a student in 2008 and completed both W.E. Butler’s Practical Course on the Mystical Qabalah and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki’s second degree (Sacred Cord) course over a period of 6 years.

Since childhood Steven has been a spiritual seeker and has studied and explored many spiritual philosophies and religions.

He has a particular interest in practically exploring and teaching about the reality and natural powers of the human soul.

Awareness of the soul and the soul’s, natural abilities, potential connections, embodiment and gifts are explored through many religious paths and spiritual philosophies.

Steve carries a unique synthesis of initiatory knowledge from Pagan, Craft, Hermetic, Qabalistic and Mystical Christian lines and he teaches drawing upon all of these traditions within the Western Esoteric Tradition.

He wrote his MA thesis, Mystical Hymns and Initiations in London (1787-1824) at the University of York where he was also awarded a PhD in English in 2006 following the completion of his doctoral thesis, Pagan Taylor: the emergence of a public character 1785-1804 – an enquiry into the life and works of Thomas Taylor the Platonist (1758-1835). In 2012, Steve was a contributing author to the book Jesus Through Pagan Eyes along with several other esoteric teachers and writers.

Steve lives in the hills of the Peak District National Park in England with his husband, with whom he has lived for 25 years, together with two rough-haired Jack Russell Terriers.

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