The Servants of the Light School of Occult Science owes a great deal to its founders and to the people who do its work day-to-day. Some of those people serve publicly, and some from behind the scenes, ensuring that students in search of quality esoteric teaching continue to find it here.

Dolores Aschroft-Nowicki is the Director of Studies for the Servants of the Light, guiding the development of the School and delivering workshops worldwide since 1976.

Michael Nowicki is the Financial Director and Outer Plane Guardian of the Servants of the Light, ensuring that the School has a stable and secure foundation for its work.

Steven Critchley is the Assistant Director of Studies, working with Dolores and Michael on a day to day basis and being actively trained to lead the SOL as its future head.

Ernest Butler was Dolores and Michael’s much beloved and respected teacher, and the author of the original First Degree Course which formed the basis of the Servants of the Light.

Dion Fortune was the founder of the Fraternity (Society) of the Inner Light, in which Ernest Butler worked and trained before founding the Servants of the Light.

News and Messages from Dolores