Aims and Ideals

To teach, that is our aim. To teach well, and with love.

We are often asked to define our aims and ideals. This is as it should be, for no one should enter a school of occult training without satisfying themselves that it is of sound character and built on a strong and ethical foundation.

09_HermitOur aim is to play a part in the giving out of the Western Mystery Training. For too long now the Western Tradition has trailed behind, and has come close to losing its own Sacred Way altogether. Now, public opinion has eased, and there is an urgent need for seekers of all ages to resume the Quest of the Grail. The need for sound esoteric training is more urgent than it has ever been.

We do not claim, as others do, that the occult way holds all the answers to the world’s ills; but we do claim that it has a part to play in the eventual victory over them. We believe, sincerely, that the ancient traditions hold a timeless key which may be applied to modern life and its problems. We aim to train dedicated men and women who will help others to achieve the inner serenity that is their birthright.

Today’s occultist is no longer merely a robed and mysterious figure – though both the robes and the mystery may at times be employed in ritual – but one who strives to use all those wonderful and mysterious powers that belong to man by right. Powers that have lain dormant for centuries, and which are being re-discovered by occultists and scientists alike.

alexandriaTo teach, that is our aim. To teach well, and with love. To teach what we have been taught; and in that teaching, to form close knit bonds that will bring all faiths and traditions into one united Brotherhood. The SOL is pendant to the ancient School of Alexandria, where all faiths and beliefs were welcomed, and their knowledge shared. We do not teach any faith or religion, or exalt any one above another. Though we teach the Western Way, we do not oppose that of the East; but look upon it as one of the many bright strands of faith that make up the Divine Pattern.

If we stress the Western Way, it is because we believe it is more suited to Western Man’s way of life and thinking. The lessons we offer are designed to affect the deeper levels of the mind, and this can be trying in the first stages; but everything is tuned to develop and train the latent powers of the mind. But it does not happen overnight; or even in a few weeks. It takes years to train a magician.

This kind of teaching places a great responsibility on those who do the actual teaching. It is not generally known that a teacher accepts – in some part – responsibility if the student takes the wrong path; or misuses newly opened power lines. Yet there is always someone willing to teach, knowing that the only reward is to train someone to be greater and better than oneself in the ancient ways of the Mysteries.

We do not impose our will on a student. We expect them to form their own judgements; to ask questions, and to develop a responsible attitude toward their studies. We cannot do the work for you; you must want to do it. We will, however, help whenever and however we can. All our tutors have been students themselves, and know the difficulties that can arise.

We do not claim to develop psychic powers in all our students, some have a natural talent and it takes little to bring their powers to the surface. Others find it a long and tedious path. We hope to train well-balanced knowledgeable people with characters stabilised by Qabalistic methods. The course is long, and strenuous, but those who finish it will have achieved something really worthwhile.

Our Ideals are simple – to offer the best we can to those who wish to learn; to reach as far and as high as we can in search of Truth. To be true to ourselves; our teachings; and to those who guide us. To train without favour all who come, regardless of race, creed or colour.