TOL Map Daath Kether Chokmah Binah Chesed Geburah Tiphareth Netzach Hod Yesod Malkuth Kether-Chokmah Kether-Binah Kether-Tiphareth Kether-Tiphareth Kether-Tiphareth Kether-Tiphareth Chokmah-Binah Chokmah-Tiphareth Chokmah-Tiphareth Chokmah-Chesed Binah-Tiphareth Binah-Tiphareth Binah-Geburah Chesed-Geburah Chesed-Tiphareth Chesed-Netzach Geburah-Tiphareth Geburah-Hod Tiphareth-Netzach Tiphareth-Yesod Tiphareth-Yesod Tiphareth-Hod Netzach-Hod Netzach-Yesod Netzach-Malkuth Hod-Yesod Hod-Malkuth Yesod-Malkuth
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