If you are interested in applying to join the SOL as a student, please read our Guide for Prospective Students first.

Each application to the SOL is carefully considered and successful applicants are always offered a supervised place in the school and carefully matched with a supervisor. However, sometimes a suitable supervisor may not be available and in such instances we will not be able to offer you a place. Please remember that if the door to the school is closed to you because of this it is not a reflection on you or your application.

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Recent News and Messages

  • Lodge Logios Helios

    Lodge Logios Helios

    Servants of the Light Teaching Lodge Led By the Assistant Director of Studies: Dr Steven Critchley. In 1974 the SOL’s founder, W.E. Butler, penned an …
  • Dolores’ Solar Light Video Club — Update

    Dolores’ Solar Light Video Club — Update

    Updated 21 December: Following on the earlier announcement, we are pleased to announce that Dolores’ Solar Light video club is now on line for subscriptions: …
  • New Interview with Dolores

    New Interview with Dolores

    Readers will be interested to learn that Dolores has recently been interviewed on the Thoth-Hermes podcast! The interview is available at the Thoth-Hermes website, at …

Upcoming Events

  1. Ritual Magic 2 in London

    April 21 @ 9:30 am - April 22 @ 5:30 pm