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Privacy and Legal Matters

Errors and Omissions Excepted, and Without Prejudice

Your Privacy

No information whatsoever, whether voluntary[1] or involuntary[2], about persons who access, or respond to requests from, this website will be passed to a third party by SOL or its agents, without the explicit permission or request of the person(s) concerned.

When you Email, or access a form on, this site and include any details about yourself.

When you log on to this (or indeed any other WWW site) site, the host computer's environment can pick up a frightening amount of information about you. Including your IP address, type of browser you use, your name, whether or not you accept cookies, your operating system etc... etc...

Libel et al.

Unavoidable mistakes will be made from time to time, the which, SOL will make its best effort to avoid.

SOL does not either endorse or refute comments made by anyone who provides commentary, critique or observation in any of the pages of this website.

Should any mistake or "commentary, critique or observation" prove to be criminally mischievous, scurrilous, libelous or defamatory, SOL will distance itself from it and provide the person, persons or entities concerned with a full and unequivocal apology.

Copyright Matters

SOL is the joint copyright holder (with the individual and several authors) of all material(s) on this website - except where noted, and will protect its interests to the full extent of any appropriate law(s), whether local, national or international.

Other Legalities

It is unlikely that SOL will need to use many references to Trade Names or similar entities. However, if we do, SOL accepts the right of the originator of that entity to be identified as the sole owner.

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