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Messages from Dolores


From the Director of Studies SOL

Dear Companions:

There is a book you must read. Why? Because it is putting on record
many of the teachings the SOL has been sharing for years.

"Is There Life After Death" by Anthony Peake. Highly recommended for all Students. This is a genuine look at the phenomena we call life and death, and what happens in between.

Widely available at your local bookstore, Amazon, etc.

A more complete review to follow soon.

Best Wishes


Dear Companions:

Anubis sailing down the Thames!

This little news video may not be available much longer online, so take a look now while you still can! Just click on the above link.


First to UK students and European Students of SOL :

My new Study Course "Your Unseen Powers" is best bought from the Sounds True Web Page. To buy it over here will cost you much more as the distributors have simply exchanged the Dollar sign for a Sterling one making the price £150.00. Buying it direct from Sounds True and paying $149.95 even with postage will make it just over half that price. Be sure to ask Sounds True to describe it on the customs sheet as "Study Course" then you will not have to pay duty.as you would if it says CD's.

UK/USA/ Europe and everywhere:

Michael and I would like to thank everyone for their cards and good wishes, We have both been up to our necks in work these last two months and although we have sent out both cards by post and electronically , there are always some people we miss. Rest assured we love you and hold you all dear to us. The gifts have been much appreciated and have really made it a special time.

2006 was a vintage year with so much going on, new Lodges going up, initiations, the appointment of an Asisstant Director of Studies and the stupendously successful Ritual with Purpose weekend under the Direction of Elizabeth Anderton-Fox, and Atlantis (presented by Andy Cooper) workshops breaking new ground. The 2006 US tour was the best ever. Many thanks to all of you and particularly Teresa Sissine, Bridget Lester, Jorje Najera and the Circulo Dorada team, Peter and Richard and Donna in Seattle, also Ivo, Michael and all in Delaware, and Lord Orion in Laurel who worked so hard to bring these things together. The laughter and the talks, the companionship and the love goes on.

I will be in Denver in January to do more recording. So WATCH THIS SPACE!

One last point:

One of our students Paul G. is experiencing great difficulties in his life just now. He has recently lost a much beloved mother and is now alone. He has had to move out of his apartment into a motel room with his cat. Yesterday the motel caught fire, and his late landlords are playing up because he has not been able to move out on time... He needs energy and cheering up people, this is one of our own... an email of support would be nice. gandalf1of9@msn.com

To all of you Michael and I offer our love and good wishes for 2007, Health, Happiness and Properity to everyone of us.. make it a year when all your dreams come true.




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