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Messages from Dolores


From the Director of Studies SOL


YOUR UNSEEN POWERS" by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

"Your Unseen Powers" will be a complete home-study course in the practice of Western magic. The audio portion will be from 9 to 10 CDs of teaching, in which I speak directly to my listening apprentice to guide him or her through each step of the process. It starts with the basics — why you want to practice magic, what it will ask of you, what you can expect to get back in return — and moves on to more advanced elements, like building your own Temple, performing rituals, and using Pathworking to commune with your most important spirit guides. In addition to the audio, the course will have an in-depth workbook with diagrams and illustrations, as well as about thirty reference cards. If you do the full course, over a period of months it should give you a solid foundation in your own practice of magic. Please keep your eyes on the Sounds True website, as well as this site.

Please also see the new section of the SOL web page for new releases from Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and other SOL-related authors. You can find that page here.


Jodi Monogue (Lady Galadriel)

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Lady Galadriel, a lovely , gentle and much loved soul. She leaves the occult world darker for her leaving. With her much loved partner she led The Grove of the Unicorn in Atlanta for many years and was a brilliant teacher of the Craft. Her many students, friends and close family will miss her presence in their lives as will we all. We can ill afford to lose such people but when the call comes it is one we must obey. We ask all SOL Students and Affiliates to light their Passing Candles and send Jodi onwards into the arms of The Great Mother.

I had the privilege of spending some days with her last year and will always treasure that time together. To all her family and the Grove of the Unicorn we extend our love, our sorrow at their loss and ours, and our prayer that Anubis will guide her gently into the Halls of Osiris. This is one soul who need never fear the weighing of her heart.

Dolores and Michael Ashcroft-Nowicki.

From Dolores

This january I had a wonderful time in Boulder with Sounds True Inc. We recorded 9 discs between Monday and Friday amid laughter, stories, chinese lunches and great company. Tami Simon has created a tightly knit group with a single goal in mind and the atmosphere is incredible.

I had a wonderful crew to work with and look forward to working with them again. By the Wednesday it has been decided that the whole thing would be upgraded to a Home Study Course with books, Flash Cards, illustrations etc. So I came home to a whole new load of work to do.

Called "Your Unseen Power" we hope to have the course out by September. In the mean time keep watching the Sounds True home page, they have a great selection of material and a lot of it would be of interest to people in SOL. I will keep you updated on the progress.

This is a new venture for SOL and for me personally and opens a whole new area of teaching.

This year will be a busy one, with workshops and lectures in London, Ireland, Scotland, North of England, Holland, Germany, and of course the USA. Many thanks to everyone who sponsored and helped in 2005, looking forward to seeing most of you in 2006.


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