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Messages from Dolores


Dear Students and Supervisors,

If you have been waiting for longer than usual for your application or lessons to be processed I apologise and want to take the opportunity to explain why this sometimes happens.

The SOL currently has approx 3,000 students worldwide and about 40 supervisors. Most supervisors have full time jobs and families, but give their services free often even forgoing the offered postage allowance. Like all families there are times when things go wrong, accidents, illness or just the need to get away. Most supervisors have a minimum of 20 students, some have many more, some students take more time than others, but all lessons are read, thought about and answered. At the end of a tiring day, probably involving a long journey, with the needs of family having been met, they still find time to cope with diaries. Imagine dealing with lesson 9 for the 30th time after a long hard day and you might understand the dedication needed to do this work. If your comments are delayed it is probably because your supervisor has other work at that moment.

Supervisors have been where you are now, they know what it is like to wait for comments to arrive. Be thankful they do, even if they are late, for in the Inner Light where Michael and I were trained you got no comments at all. You were expected to do the work by yourselves. Sometimes you might get 2/3 words scribbled on your returned lesson. That was a red letter day.

If your supervisor fails to answer at all, then please let me know and I will deal with it, but I can’t do that unless I know. I try to match supervisor and student as far as I can but, I do make mistakes.

Now For Applications.
Usually it takes 6 weeks approx to deal with them. Why so long? Because I do them in batches of 12/15 at a time. Each one is put on a database with your answers to the questions. They are thought about and pondered over because the answers are important. (some people send in 30/40 pages which can be daunting) When I’ve read them I decide on the Supervisor, if the best one can take no more students, it has to be the next best. The application is photocopied, one set for the Supervisor, the original for filing. Next I write a letter to each applicant answering questions or mentioning some interesting point in their papers. Then they go to Michael who makes out a file card and collates the lessons and sends them off. A big batch can take days to complete because things like this cannot be hurried. Every student is different, and remember this is not the only work on hand.

SOL HQ is not a big office. The entire school is run from two small rooms on the ground floor of our home. Both Michael and I are in our mid-seventies (having given over thirty years to this work.) Like our supervisors we take no salary, thus keeping the cost of lessons within reach of 95% of applicants. Indeed we have bought all our own office equipment over the years.

As pensioners we augment our pensions with workshops and, in my case with writing. But books take time to write, and work shops must be built up item by item, pathworkings composed, rituals written, research into obscure points must be done so the information given is correct. A two day workshop can take a month to put together, and I write 3/4 new ones each year. It also takes roughly a year to write a book. So what does this mean in terms of time?

It means for me, a seven day week, often working into the late evening. Before a long tour like the annual USA trek, I will work through the night before I leave. This is fine when you are in your thirties, forties and even your sixties. Try maintaining this rate in your mid seventies. Take into account that on average I do 2 workshops in Wales, 2 in Holland, 1 in Germany, 2 in the UK, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Ireland, and 6 weeks in the USA, Canada, and Mexico every single year and have done since 1975. I used to go to Australia but can no longer manage the long flight. (Oh yes, I forgot Sweden) Michael has the same problem but his work is even more demanding as he also deals with the financial and tax side of things as well as the accounting, post, filing, copying and sending lessons, and his own workshops (6/7 a year) and lectures. All please note, done without outside help.


1) help would cost too much and put up the price of the lessons.
2) Jersey never repealed the witchcraft act and what we do could be seen as blasphemous, even illegal & get us unwelcome attention from the Fundamental brigade.
3) We live on an island, hours by sea and plane from the UK and have no Sol students on the island. Ergo; we do all the office work ourselves, from printing and copying lessons, to making the daily 30 minute trek to the Post Office with the days letters and parcels and collecting the next batch on the return. (We don’t have a car, Michael’s medication means he gave up his license and I don’t drive). Don’t tell me I should move to the mainland. I was born and bred here, I own my house, and my family is here.

Why am I telling you all this?
Because I am fed up with getting impatient, rude, disparaging letters from people who want everything yesterday, and don’t stop to think about the hard work and long hours we put in. This goes also for those who, like the gentleman from Montana who wrote after a year had passed to complain that he had never received his lessons, wanted his money back, and didn’t think much of SOL. He waited a year to tell us he had not received his lessons !!! In fact the post book, into which every single piece of mail that comes in or goes out is logged, says it did go out. But the Postal service worldwide has it’s glitches, As witness a batch of lessons sent to the right name at the right address but delivered to someone of the same name at the WRONG address and returned to us as “Unknown here.” Had we been informed earlier the lessons would have been re-sent. We do make mistakes and sometimes things do go astray. BUT NOT OFTEN, Michael sees to that. So next time you have a complaint remember we are doing our best, under difficult circumstances. Thank God we resisted the temptation to become a bigger school, we’d be dead of exhaustion. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pile of washing and ironing to do, or didn’t I mention that the housework/shopping/ and walking the dog has to be done as well!

With love but in a really grumpy mood.


From the Director of Studies SOL

To all our students , friends, and supervisors in the USA. Thank you
for your calls, your prayers and your offers of strength. They are
much appreciated at this time. We know you understand how we feel,
and this will only make us stand more closely together. We remember
at this time your own experience and that of the Spanish people when
they were attacked. Our candle is lit and in remembering our own
casualties, we also remember yours.

Thank you and bless you.

Dolores and Michael.


The Secret of the Scrolls
James Best

I recently received a copy of a book that has been long in its birthing and was not disappointed when I settled down to read. Written by a long time SOL Student under a pen name it is a fascinating tale of intrigue, theft at high levels, the Fatima
secret, and the occult teachings that have always been hidden from the masses by the church of Rome.

As a first novel it is remarkable, as an exciting read it grips the imagination, as an aid to the understanding of the Western Mysteries, and indeed the oneness of all faiths, it is a little revelation in itself. Told with passion and inner conviction and an amazing amount of knowledge. The story moves from Rome to London, on to Paris and back again each time unravelling a little more of the intricate plot line.

To tell you too much would take the edge of the climax .... read it for yourself. In the accompanying flyer you can see where to obtain the book. I highly recommend it to all SOL-ites.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


From the Director of Studies SOL

Due to the diligence of our supervisory staff, it has come to our
notice that someone in Europe has been offering illegal copies of the
SOL Lessons for sale on the Internet. There is reason to believe that
this a onetime student. We have received letters from people claiming
to be students but who are not on our data bank and have no
application forms on file.

This is now being investigated and we will take legal action against
anyone abusing our copyright in this way.

Dolores and Michael Ashcroft-Nowicki


From Dolores and Michael:

It is with great sorrow that we record the passing of Phyllis Ardman in New York on the 18th of January. Phyllis had been part of SOL for a long time and remained both a student and a friend until her passing.

We have also lost Aron Skrypeck in the last few weeks, a dear man who was one of the most gentle souls I have ever known. The world is better for their lives, both of them lifted the Earth's spirit a Little higher. When you light your Passing Candles bless them both, and offer a prayer of thanks for having shared their time on earth in the company of the SOL. We are truly a company of souls bound together by our beliefs and our hope for the future. We are the Children of the House of the Net, the Companions of Anubis, and our place in the Boat of Millions of Years is ready.

Dolores and Michael.






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