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Messages from Dolores

Message from Dolores, 22nd July 2003

Cassandra Carter-Heywood
Passed on 21at July 2003 in Melbourne Australia

With great sadness we have heard today that Cassandra, Priestess of the Old Religion, Second Degree Initiate, and Priest of the Gnostic Church has withdrawn to the Higher Life.

Photo by Ylva Tuck'Cass' was a one off, there could only have been one, and there will never be another like her. Her love of life, laughter and those who gathered around her was an inspiration to us all. Her talent as a writer made her a household name in her native Australia, and she was in the middle of writing her first novel, The Dark Island". Whenever she came to England she brought with her a breadth of vision, knowledge, and dedication to her chosen path that made her a welcome and much loved guest at workshops and conferences.

Larger than Life was our Cass, in every way. When she moved through town an airport, she sailed like a stately galleon,with a beaming smile that made everyone stop, look, and feel better for the rest of the day. When she was in ritual be it of the Old Religion or of the Western Tradition she lifted the rite with her power and her total dedication to what she was doing, and the reason behind it.

She leaves the world a little darker for those of us who are left behind. But in time, when we can see more clearly, feel without too much pain, hear without our own sorrow deafening us, we will be able to see her Inner Light going before us, feel her hand in ours, and hear her voice telling us to carry the Light forward, as she did during her lifetime. Nothing she did will be lost, but will spur us all to greater effort in The Great Work. To Her parents, and to Ray who loved her so much we send our love and sympathy, and above all our understanding of their loss.

Goddess bless you Cass dear, rest in the Light until we meet again

Dolores and Michael S.O.L.
We ask that all SOL Lodges light their Passing Candle and say a prayer for a lovely Lady no longer with us.

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