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Messages from Dolores


Dear Magi, Supervisors and Students of SOL.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the, literally, hundreds of good wishes, emails and postal cards you sent me on my 85th birthday. It has touched my heart so deeply and made me realise how strong the bond has become between us.
Since 1975 when I took over from Ernest Butler I have seen the School grow and expand and that is due to the tireless work so many of you have put into it. Next year at the spring Equinox it will be 40 years since I took the reins ( a very scary moment) and the time draws closer to hand them over again to younger hands. 
This year marks my 50th year living and working in the Mysteries, for Michael and I entered the Inner Light in 1964.
In 1968 we took our first initiation and at that time I made the Unreserved Dedication. I repeat that dedication to you all now and promise that until I pass over those reins I will serve you and the Opener of the Ways with heart and soul.
At this time I would like to thank my husband Michael for the way in which he has supported both me and the school during these eventful years. Without his support, knowledge, and guardianship the SOL would not have been so successful. 
My love and blessing to you all past, present and those who will come in the future.
Thank you, Dolores.


Yuletide Greetings at this time of the solstice and the turning of the year! Many thanks to all of you who have sent Christmas cards both actual and electronic. We have enjoyed them all and appreciate the thoughts and love expressed in them. We would like to thank the Supervisors and Lodge Magi and all SOL students for their hard work this year. The workshops and meetings have been wonderful and full of new ideas and realisations. We wish you all a Bright and Bountiful Christmas and a New Year full of promise for the future.

Our Love and Blessings go out to you all.

Dolores and Michael.


Listen to Dolores in Discussion

at the Between the Worlds conference

We are grateful to Ivo Dominguez Jr and the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel for making the recordings of plenary sessions made at the Between the Worlds Conference, where Dolores recently taught, in Wilmington Delaware (Dec 13-16th 2012) available over the internet.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, can be heard discussing Operative Magic: Risks, Rewards and Limitations together with  John Michael Greer, Jason Miller, Christopher Penczak, Jacki Smith and the panel Moderator, Michael Smith.

Students and friends of the SOL please click the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel logo, below, to visit the site if you wish to listen to the recordings.

Donations towards The New Alexandrian Library Project, that Dolores and the SOL support, can be made on the same page if anyone wishes to.



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