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The Drones' Club

by Pat Schneider

When Europeans first landed on the shores of America, the native peoples saw it as fulfilment of an ancient prophecy which said strange peoples would be coming to offer advances in technology and civilisation.

The prophecy further said that, in return, the Native peoples would offer these rough sojourners the re-birth of spirituality - a spirituality that held great reverence for our Mother, the Earth. According to prophecy, this was to be the Rainbow Bridge, the great experiment in uniting the planet in harmony. The Drones Club - Building an electronic Rainbow Bridge.

That is the way it once was meant to be. And still could be, according to prophecy. It is said that if the bones of one's ancestors are buried in this land, that person is Native American. The bones of our ancestors may be buried in this land, yet the blood of our ancestors comes from many different lands and backgrounds. Blood is equally important in claiming one's spiritual heritage. It is the mingling of the energy of blood and bone with the unique spirits of this land, it is said, which will forge the Rainbow Bridge to all the lands and spirits of our ancestors, thereby creating a united planet - creating a Rainbow Bridge, a net, which binds us all on this Earth.

Bridges built with strong nets withstand the winds of time. Perhaps in answer to the calling of Native American prophecy, many electronic NETworks are springing up on Turtle Island (the native description for the lands of the Americas.) One of the more recent nets was created by a group of SOL students, graduates and other associates.

The net is being woven with the many threads of those participating, for we carry with us many traditions and many interests. Even though the network primarily addresses the Western Mystery tradition and is limited to SOL associates, shamanism, theology and theosophy, wicca, Norse and Germanic traditions are also intertwined.

The name for the network, The Drones Club, is also uniquely Native in spirit. Among Native Americans the coyote is very sacred for he teaches by tricks. He is the Trickster. This is how the Trickster as teacher happened: When the network was forming, it was agreed that we were all drones, none of us were Queen Bees. So the name Drones began to take hold early in the formation of the group. When we officially adopted the name, it was also recognised that the inept and brainless fictional character Bertie Wooster was a member of the Drone's Club. So the coyote/fool, Bertie, is now one of our teachers and we feel compelled to include Bertie-esque brainless questions and discussions. For instance, we have thoroughly analysed where the pig belongs on the Tree. Yes, indeed, there is a five-page article on the subject, and the poor porker belongs, it seems, everywhere. So much for always being erudite; one can learn by coyote's tricks.

Placing correspondences on the Tree (Bertie-esque or otherwise) is one of several projects undertaken. We have shared Medieval Black Bun recipes as well as rituals. Through the "instant communication" of the network, many were able to link up with the Lodge of the Lion's Gate in Canada for a working to protect the coasts and the creatures of Turtle Island from the recent Russian oil spill. We found it to be a very powerful forging of the net. Certainly, the way it once was meant to be.

Currently, the Drones Club is discussing W E Butler's "The Magician: His Training and work", covering a chapter a week. From this discussion, a list of the attributes of Positive Psychism - how to recognise it when it is real - is being compiled. We have also touched on morals and ethics in the Work, the use of oaths in initiations, black holes, the differences between Planetary Intelligence's and Spirits, who to invite to a dinner party (Bertie, again), how to turn LEAD to GOLD using "word golf," magnetic healing, techniques for seeing the aura, and how to magically find lost objects, as well as discussions on books and movies. Emmanuel Rose, who attended the SOL conference, communicated that inforrnation in a seven part series.

The "rules" for the Drones Club are simple:

The Drones Club is a private list.

Only current students, graduates or members of the SOL Lodges may join. (Members who do not have e-mail access may join using the email address of another member.)

There is no Queen Bee; all are equal.

Topics cover those related to SOL work, including any related to practical and theoretical magical work. (Unless, of course, Bertie G interrupts the conversation.) We do not discuss the lessons. We do not discuss the policies of the SOL. Those issues should be referred directly to Supervisors.

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