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by Clive Harper

At the conference and at other meetings of occultists one often hears comments that can be taken several ways - the best usually being with a large pinch of salt!

The following examples may help the new student understand what is really being said on such occasions.

What they say

What they mean

"It's beyond your grade"
I don't know
"Meditate on it"
I really don't know
"It's revealed wisdom"
I made it up
"Taking this path to initiation will accelerate your progress on the Path"
Your husband/wife will leave, you'll lose your job, a meteor will strike your car and your dog will die
"Well I suppose everyone has their own way"
Fine, don't do what I say ... but you'll be wrong
"Your diary has some interesting political implications"
MI5 just called and we turned you in
"The ritual should be quite powerful"
It's a combined Horus invocation / Choronzon evocation with a little Chthulu thrown in for good measure

"That's an unusual interpretation of the Cosmic Doctrine"

Dion Fortune is spinning in her grave fast enough to generate electricity
"The workshop was fun ... you know the usual"
There were three major philosophical schisms, two magical duels to the death and a group version of the Great Rite
"In terms of physical phenomena, the ritual was fairly successful" The cat exploded
"That lecture was certainly informative" How dare you break so many oaths
"Their temple has a lot of energy" They haven't banished since 1967

"Their workings are aligned to the Devotional Ray"
There's not enough sex and violence

"Their Group is very independent"
They're planning to invade Jersey

"The author wishes to acknowledge Soror Timshel's input on one or two of the above points"

Huge sections of the above have been shamelessly lifted from Sr. Timshel 's article in Baphomet Breeze Vol III no. 2

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