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Listen to the Wind

A Tribute

Listen to the wind my sister, my second self.
Listen as it speaks to you with words that tell of the earth’s beginning.
And sings songs of great deeds done by men and women
Endlessly loving, endlessly weeping, such is the wind’s song.

Listen to the voice of fire my sister, mirror of my soul.
Filled with power and energy it sweeps over the barren land burning,
and yet from its passing comes new life pulsing with strength.
Endlessly feeling, endlessly dying, Life seeks to be born.

Listen to the call of the oceans my sister, my sweet shadow.
With a siren voice it is calling us back to the womb from which we came.
It tears at the land, the rocks, the shores, trying to reach us.
Endlessly searching,, endlessly waiting for our return

Listen to the whisper of the earth my sister, sharer of my dreams.
In the deep silent caverns whose floors have known no human foot, it waits.
In quietness and compassion it waits, knowing we will come.
Endlessly patient, endlessly enduring, always forgiving.

Listen to the Song of the Spirit my sister, your hand in mine.
When our time here is done and we set our spirits free upon the wind
I will search for you through the worlds beyond Time.
Endlessly seeking, endlessly hoping until I find you again.

© 2003 Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

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