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Here is a selection of articles from many sources (including SOL's former house magazine Solomon).

W E Butler

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

  • Your Unseen Power
    An interview with Dolores and Sounds True on the topic of the Western Mystery Tradition
  • Illuminations
    An article by Dolores advertising her book "Illuminations" for the Watkins catalogue, 2003
  • The Western Mystery Tradition
    On the origins of the occult schools in the West, and what to expect when joining one
  • Coming Home
    A true tale about the Washington Memorial, a painting and soldiers marching into the Light at last
  • Real Magic
    Real Magic And The Servants Of The Light Course
  • Which Witch?
    An interview with Dolores
  • Rites of Passage
    Myth speaks to us of human destiny.
  • The Faerie Tradition
    The opening lecture of the Taliaris workshop, Beltane 2001
  • To Serve the Light
    About Service to the Light

    POETRY by Dolores

Herbie Brennan

  • Conjuration
    Even occultists, by and large, consider spirit conjuration a Mediaeval superstition...

Michael Nowicki

Robert King


  • Death
    The three things in life that you reasonably can expect: Marriage, taxes and death!
  • Drama Queens
    Pre-programmed patterns and the stories we tell ourselves
  • Evil, the Devil and Lucifer
    According to Cabalistic philosophy, there are two types of evil: negative and positive - some thoughts
  • God, gods, Jesus Christ
    Thoughts on how it is often easier define what is wrong and that which we don't want rather than that which is right and what we aspire towards.
  • Control Freaks
    The most frightened people on the planet?

Simon Court

  • The Law of Ubiquity
    About interpermeability between the incarnate and evolving selves
  • The Occultist in Action
    No matter by which door you enter the Mysteries, you will sooner or later realise that you are required to actually do something with all your studies and training.

Clive Harper

Billie Walker-John

On the symbolist interpretation of the Egyptian Mysteries

Dian McLellan 'Vox Clamantis'

  • The Way of the Wise
    An article on the Wiccan Way and the persecution of pagans, with a reply from a Christian priest.

Michael Neal

G.E. & L.P.

  • Contact with Isis
    A magical experiment that changed the lives of the couple that performed it

Pat Schneider

George Eckett

Tim Keen

Marie Fornario

Frater S.A.

  • The Magic Flute
    The soul's advancement through initiation as outlined in Mozart's occult opera

Andy Cooper

  • Personal Development
    What you must do by way of your personal development should you choose a life in the occult.
  • Ritual Magic
    Reflections on using the Tarot in Ritual Magic

Ioannis Marathakis

John Barbiero

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