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Your Unseen Power

by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


Your Unseen Power by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


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There is a power you have already felt in your life—when events line up too perfectly to be coincidence, or when something you’ve greatly desired suddenly, unexpectedly manifests before you. Is that power simply an invisible force of the universe beyond your control … or is it something that you can claim as your own? According to the Western mystery tradition, a lineage that has existed since the time of ancient Egypt, this is the power of genuine magic—the ability to create change by merging your own will with the greater consciousness of the universe. With Your Unseen Power, your apprenticeship in the most ancient and potent school of occult mastery is about to begin.

Welcome, Apprentice: Your Teacher Awaits
Your teacher on this journey will be Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, one of the most respected and experienced practitioners of magic in the world today. As author of over 17 books on the occult tradition, founder and director of studies at The Servants of the Light School in England, and direct heir of the wisdom lineage of such legends as Dion Fortune and Ernest Butler, she will be your guide and mentor as you undertake the most comprehensive magical training available for home learning.

The first steps you take in your apprenticeship will establish the basics—why you seek to practice magic, what the training will ask of you, and what you will get back in return. As you follow the coursework in Your Unseen Power, you will learn more advanced elements of magical practice, such as creating the artifacts you need to perform complex rituals and using Pathworking (an ancient form of guided meditation) to commune with your most important spirit guides. The dedication you invest in each phase of your training will be repaid many times over as you learn to improve your self-discipline so you can effectively focus the power of your intention, turn resolve into reality through ritual and visualization, and access cosmic wisdom to find answers to your most profound questions.

Here is the first training program of its kind: an indepth, practical curriculum in Western magic, presented by a master teacher, to allow you to unlock Your Unseen Power.

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki is director of The Servants of the Light School in England, and has taught thousands of students in the esoteric path. A third generation occultist, she is author of 17 books, including The Shining Paths and The Ritual Magic Workbook.

Highlights from Your Unseen Power

• The tools of the trade—how to create your wand, sword, ring, and more
• The Kabbalah as the cornerstone of the Western occult tradition
• Communing with the Gods: how to use Pathworking to learn the wisdom of the ancient deities
• A hunger for all knowledge—why a good magician knows as much about both subatomic particles and symbolic pentacles
• Exercises for enhancing your memory, dream recall, and each of your six senses
• Building self-discipline and confidence one step at a time
• Your Magical Name: creating your own magician’s persona
• Angelic forces—the most potent names and rituals to invoke for protection, and much more

9 CDs, 11 ½ hours, 136-page workbook, 61 teaching cards

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Bonus! Click here for an in-depth interview with Dolores and Sounds True concerning the Western Mystery Tradition.


From Gareth Knight's blog:


New Year message for 2007

The relaunch of my refurbished web site seems to have got off to a good start and has elicited some favourable comments. I am pleased to say that obtaining a Google e-mail address has brought the Spam plague into manageable proportions, and although I was hit with 122 unwanted objects of this nature over the Christmas period, they were all automatically shunted into a bin by the Google technology and disposed of with a single key stroke from myself. This has enabled me to respond once more to genuine enquirers. Also by paying a small rental to angelfire I have been able to keep the website clear of unwanted advertisements.

Apart from occasional odd balls, whose missives, I have to say, I consign unanswered to the same limbo as the Spam merchants, two questions tend to crop up in the more welcome enquiries.

The first seeks clarification over statements made in A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO QABALISTIC SYMBOLISM that seem somewhat outdated, not to say pontifical and repressive, in light of current social and moral attitudes. This is because, like any other book from human hand, it never was infallible, and 45 years after it was written is not unnaturally showing the effects of its age.

For reasons of publishing economics it has not been possible to revise the text but in the latest one-volume paperback edition from Red Wheel Weiser I have been able to insert a foreword that covers some of these issues as best I may. If you do not have a copy of this edition but would like to read the foreword I will be happy to send it by e-mail attachment.

The second question is the perennial one about finding some course of study for those unable for geographical or social reasons to find a decent esoteric school. Fortunately I have just come across a solution that may prove helpful. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, the Director of Studies of the Servants of the Light foundation, has produced a self study course entitled YOUR UNSEEN POWER that may be what you are looking for. However, as recommending teachers is as fraught with problems as setting up a dating agency, I suggest that, before buying a pig in a poke, you take a look at an interview she gave at the launch of the project, which you can find on the www.soundstrue.com/interviews web site.

In my view her comments in this interview constitute one of the best expositions of the purpose of magic and magical training I have come across, and so if it gels with you, and you have 149 bucks to spare, you may well find what you are looking for.

It comes in the form of nine CD's backed up with a 136 page study guide and sets of cards on Qabalah and Celtic and Egyptian mythology, highly professionally produced. Dolores has enormous experience of teaching the subject and, having known her for some thirtyfive years and her teacher Ernest Butler for some ten years before that, I can vouchsafe that you will be in reputable as well as experienced hands.

On the more personal publishing front the close of the old year saw the eventual publication of THE ARTHURIAN FORMULA which completes my series of delvings into the archives of the Society of the Inner Light in search of previously unpublished material by Dion Fortune. This is not material for beginners as it needs some powers of discernment to get the best out of it, but for those of reasonable esoteric intelligence and experience it may set a few fascinating hares running.


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