Third Degree

The Third Degree is also known by the name of
The House of the Amethyst.

Membership is by invitation only and carries automatic Third-Degree Initiation. There is no correspondence course associated with the third degree of the SOL. Third-Degree initiates  of the SOL are all highly trained and deeply dedicated to the work of the Mysteries. The work, teaching and structure of the House of the Amethyst remain withdrawn. Third-Degree members are known as Councillors. Third-Degree initiates have the authority to initiate in the school but only with the authorisation of the Director of Studies in each instance where initiations are given.

The House of the Amethyst is one of the outer names of the great Alexandrian Fraternity, the Fraternitatis Alexandrae, which has its existence on the Inner Planes, and of which the SOL is an earth-level expression. The Fraternitatis Alexandrae is the inner fountainhead from which all our teaching ultimately stems. It is a withdrawn Order under whose authority the whole school works, teaches, and has its existence. The Third-Degree can be said to be an outer expression of this Inner Order (as are indeed the Second and First Degrees, albeit in a more indirect manner).

The School also recognises a further level of service and responsibility in the Mysteries where individuals work at the level of “Adeptus Exemptus” which is considered as the highest level of initiation that one can work in whilst incarnate. It is extremely rare that people work at this level and those that do so are discrete concerning their work.

The first virtues of the path are said to be discretion and discrimination and these two principles are observed at every level of initiatory work. This means that initiates know when to be silent and that if we choose this then we must say no to that as we desire to know in order to serve.