The Butler First Degree Course

Written over 50 years ago, this course takes a more traditional approach to occult studies and consists of  50 monthly Lessons.

The Butler Main course uses Arthurian Symbology as a basis for its teaching.  If this is not familiar to you, or if it has no equivalent mythos in your belief or racial systems then please think carefully before about taking for this course, as it would require a lot of extra study to understand the text and the connotations used as examples.

The Butler Main Course:

The first six lessons of the Butler course were written by Gareth Knight who also authored the required text, A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism.

Here the student will study and utilize Israel Regardie’s Art of True Healing (AoTH), supplied upon admission to the Foundation Course.  The AoTH energy work—based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life and Circulation of Force—will be used during the Opening and Closing for every meditation session to follow.

The remainder of the course was written by Ernest Butler, Founder of the SOL.    During lessons 7 to 12, the student will focus on the 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, learning about each one.  It is recommended students keep complete notes so they will be able to refer back to this information as the course progresses.

With lesson 13, students enter the Arthurian Cycle and use this very potent imagery to explore and open the Tree within, as they search for their personal Grail.

Each lesson requires 28 meditation sessions, written up in diary form and submitted a Supervisor for review.

Note:  Before beginning this course, there is a six-lessons Foundation Course to be completed.  It covers much the same materials as the first half of the New Foundation Course.