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About SOL Correspondence Courses

Like the Mystery Schools of ancient times, the SOL is a three-level structure. We offer an on-going training by means of this fully integrated and graded structure which allows progress to be made safely and continuously. In this way we are rebuilding the ancient idea of a Training and Teaching School of the Mysteries, within the context of a modern world.

The First Degree

The foundation of all studies and work within Servants of the Light. The First Degree correspondence course uses Qabalistic, Arthurian and Tarot symbolism to open the doors of inner perception. It is designed to give the student a comprehensive and thorough training in the Mysteries. The symbol of the First Degree is the Bee, symbol of selfless service to the whole.


The Second Degree

The Second Degree is the Inner Court of the Servants of the Light. It is open to those who have completed the First Degree course and want to use what they have learnt in order to go even deeper. The Second Degree course is based on a very ancient form of high-level Inner Plane work. The symbol of the Second Degree is the Wheat-sheaf, symbol of harvest on all levels.


The Third Degree

The Third Degree is also called The House of the Amethyst. It is the Adytum of the Servants of the Light. Membership is by invitation only.

Degree Course FAQ And Summary

Some questions and answers about degrees, robes and insignia - what are they? Why do we need them? When are they necessary?

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